Racist Shooting: A Problem Far From Being Solved

by mirufdd on January 29, 2017 - 8:58pm

As reported by Amanda Holpuch last July 21st 2016 in the Guardian, another act of racism was made by the police. It is not the first time this last year police officers in America have opened fire on black unarmed men. Charles Kinsey, who is a behavior therapist in a group home was sitting by the street with an autistic patient when a police sped out of no where and brought a gun in their direction. Charles was not armed and his patient had only a toy truck in his hands whicht he therapist repeated multiple time he had to the police while his hands where in the air. We can observe in this incident that the officer had no reason to point his gun to them as they had no weapons and have listened to their directions of putting their arms up high in the air. However, the damage have been done. The police officer have shot Charles in the leg. Thomas Matthews an officer of experience observed the scene from afar and claimed :“I understand when an officer fears for his life and he needs to shoot someone. But you got to wait to see if he has a weapon. All he had was a toy truck.” Charles' case is not the only one who has occur. Mutliple innocent black men have been victim of this act of uncesseray violence. It has brought the African American communities of the different part of the United states to manifest their rights. It is true, every one should feel save around cops as they are present to protect us and not attack innoncent individuals. All together and all around the world we have to continue to fight for different races rights and equality.

The article I summarized above was found in the Guardian. This journal was founded in 1821 in the United Kingdom, has expend his range of places in the world and stayed active as well. The fact that the author, Amanda Holpuch, gave her name in the webarticle as a writer in New York for the journal is a prove that it is relevent and works well and has enough profits to employ writers in many parts of the United States.






I like how you summarized your article in a simple manner, it makes the story easy to understand. You should probably include the link to the source to make it easier to find. I think that you could make the summary longer, you could talk more about the aftermath of the incident. Here is a similar news article by aljazeera.com, the American version is a pretty credible news source. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/07/black-man-shot-police-helping-pati...
Most importantly, it might have some information you need to expand your news summary.

I was completely in shock when I read your newspaper article summary, as I had not heard of this injustice. Racism is definitely an issue in our society, and specifically in the United States. I am glad that the shooting in Florida has been brought to my attention, as I believe in justice for everybody no matter what his or her race is. I enjoyed your summary as it provided me with the important details of the incident, such as the fact that the victim told the police officer that he was unarmed, yet did not stop them from firing at him. The source you chose from was The Guardian which I believe to be a credible news source, however it was written by Amanda Hulpoch who, from my own research on LinkedIn, has only worked as a reporter for Guardian News & Media. Her main focus at this company is to write enterprise pieces about North America; however, her interests include issues pertaining to technology, health, religion, and culture. When looking for the utmost reliable source, I would recommend a mainstream newspaper company with minimal bias and whose pieces, such as in this case, be written by an individual who specializes in that area of expertise.
I found an article, which addresses the same issue you covered, from The New York Times, which I believe to be a credible news source because it has been publishing newspaper articles since 1851 and has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, which is the most prizes won by any newspaper. The article is, "North Miami Police Officers Shoot Man Aiding Patient With Autism" written by Niraj Chokshi. The author is credible as he is the general assignment reporter at The New York Times and prior to this, he worked for The Washington Post where he was responsible for reporting state government affairs. The source provides the readers with a video of the victim explaining the whole incident, as well as a statement from the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. This content can add further detail to your summary as the story comes from the victim himself, as well as the union that wishes to come up with a solution to the issue at hand.
For further information, consult the article using the source below:

To begin with, I think you chose a great article and summarized it very clearly. Your writing was very fluid and easily understandable. Now what I find you did best, is that you stayed neutral and objective in your writing even though police racism is a topic that raises lots of opinions and emotions. I, on the other hand, would have had trouble remaining dispassionate about the topic.

Now this got me thinking, a few years ago, my cousin got certified as a RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounter Police) officer. She’s currently in Saskatoon in the native reserves. One day, she was patrolling with another officer that she didn’t know very well. They were chatting nonchalant in the car and she noticed that her partner was expressing racist comments and ideas. Without further due, she mentioned her concerns to the authorities. The board indeed brought in my cousin’s partner for questioning. I was very surprised when she told me that they took the matter seriously and questioned the guy. I don’t know what happened to him afterwards, but I think that she had a great initiative and so did the board. It is a burden that must be taken seriously and every inch of a doubt must at all cost be clarified.

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