[Possibility of New Power] Behind Closed Doors

by michelle.bsparkx on March 19, 2017 - 4:39pm

Health reporter, Olivia Lerche, from Express newspaper, wrote an article that describes a woman suffering from social anxiety disorder who wrote a book to help others understand the symptoms of the disorder. The title of the article “Social anxiety disorder: Woman describes mental health battle after nervous breakdown” clearly describes what the article is about. In the text the woman mentioned said that her nerves felt normal to her and she only got help after having a panic attack at work. Written recently on November 22nd, 2016, it mentions possible ways those suffering can get treatment to overcome their anxiety through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and SSRI, a type of medication, both of which are also mentioned in a Fortune article written by the reporter Laura Entis. This text, titled “How to Deal With Persistent Social Anxiety” goes into more detail about the disorder through an interview with a lecturer at Columbia University who helps those with Social Anxiety Disorder and general social anxiety. It was published recently on March 11th in 2017 and the lecturer that was interviewed, Franklin Schneier, points out the difference between Social Anxiety Disorder and general social anxiety. The disorder is described as a mental illness that interferes with daily life, while general social anxiety is defined as an emotion that is felt by most people.

New power is, as the term suggests, a new type of power where many people participate by making or donating to a cause. Like a match it creates a flame for the cause but burns out after a certain amount of time. An example of new power would be Bell Let’s Talk where those who share a Bell Let’s talk image, tweet their hashtag or text each other if their cell phone carrier is Bell 5 cents is donated to the cause of raising money for mental health issues. This is an example of new power because there are so many people coming together to raise money as well as awareness of mental health. They do this by making something which would be through a text message, message on various social media websites, using their snapchat filter or sharing the Bell Let’s Talk videos on Facebook. All of this is done to create a conversation around mental health.

When it comes to mental illnesses the general consensus is that to make change there needs to be more awareness and that we need to open up a conversation about it therefore to create change using new power for social anxiety disorder is also to create and open up a conversation about it. While it may be difficult for many to go out in the open and say how they may suffer it would be good if there were a place where they could do so anonymously, which already exists here. Another idea may be do so something similar to the symbolism behind the semi-colon tattoo which is about continuing a sentence that could have ended and comparing that to someone continuing their life instead of ending it like many may believe is their only option. A different symbol could be used for Social Anxiety Disorder and this may also spark a conversation.


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