Mainstream Mass Medias Fighting the Phenomenon of ‘Fake News’

by clodieroy on February 6, 2017 - 6:34am

Mainstream Mass Medias Fighting the Phenomenon of ‘Fake News’



The following piece is a summary of the article ‘Facebook And Google's Fake News Crackdown Coming To Canada’ written by The Canadian Press in the Huffington Post on January 24th 2017. 


These days, fake news are everywhere. Not only on social medias, but also on "trustworthy" news platforms. 


Especially during Donald Trump's election, where there were a lot of false informations circling during his campaign in November. This is when the concern about fake news started trending a lot in the US. His opponent, Hilary Clinton, also mentioned that fake news were a treat for human beings, pointing out an assault that happened in a North Carolina Pizzeria, where a man was accused of assault after a false election.


But, this issue is not only present in the United States, it is close to us, Canadians, too. A Conservative leadership candidate and her campain manager also created false news, so that voters would change their opinion about Trudeau's government. They posted a list of investments made by our Prime minister for aid organizations, and among the billions of dollars that were mentioned, it was said that $351 million went to the terrorist group Hamas.


Now that fake news are a common issue we have to deal with everyday, Facebook and Google have been trying to find a remedy for this situation. Indeed, the two platforms are in the process of developing tools to help users dissociate what is true from what is not. Even though they have been working in the US and the UK, they say that they will concentrate on Canada next. 


Google has made major progress concerning the problem by creating a 'fact-check' tool to help the reader finding real information on major stories. It should come out in Canada soon. As for Facebook, they have not accomplished such an advancement yet.


As for where the government stands on this issue, Melanie Joly, the Heritage Minister, wants to discuss with social media creators and with news platforms managers to see what her government could do to help. They have not done anything concrete yet, but they want to put a lot more attention on this issue in the future.


It is important that major associations and politicians work on creating safer information for web users, but stopping certain news for circling would mean being in the way of the press' freedom. And, considering the fact that our constitution stipulates that everyone has the liberty of expression, it is a hard problem to deal with.





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