Kevin O’Leary : The Canadian Trump is Running For Prime Minister

by anthonydm on February 9, 2017 - 11:27pm

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman as well as a reality TV star. He is running to be at the lead of the federal Conservative party, along with 13 other people.

News summary from an article by BBC News wrote on January 18th
This article does not have an author: it means that BBC, a pretty trusted news site, takes responsibility for this article, which makes it reliable.

He has been compared to Donald Trump since he has a TV and business background, and because he shows excessive pride and self-satisfaction, exactly like a lot of people would judge Trump. O’Leary was born in Montreal and is calling himself business-minded, since he is an investor and entrepreneur, and is fiscally conservative. Mr. O’Leary said, in a media statement, "I am a successful Canadian businessman with a great deal of international experience," as well as, "I am the only candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau.” He also calls himself the only candidate who can confront Trump, the current US President, on cross border issues. While Mr. O’Leary has praised Trump on multiple occasions, he said that he does not approve of many of his policies.

The new Conservative leader will be picked on May 27th. O’Leary has no experience in elected office. He has called the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, a ‘’surfer dude’’ on social media. Some people, like Lisa Raitt, who is a veteran politician, launched a website called ‘’Stop Kevin O’Leary’’ and designed him as an ‘’Irresponsible’’ populist. More on that here:

Kevin O’Leary has also received bad press for not speaking one of Canada’s official languages: French. As a French speaking Canadian, I think that this is a pretty big issue, since I believe that this shows that O’Leary would not represent Canadians appropriately. I also consider myself to have Centre-left views on politics, which makes Mr. O’Leary less appealing to me, as he has an exceedingly rightist point of view according to this article.


First of all, the fact that you give context and information about who Kevin O’Leary is in the beginning of your text is very useful. Also, your title’s originality made me want to read your article, which is a great quality for a credible article to have. Comparing Mr. O’Leary to Mr. Trump represents what some Canadians are already fearing, including myself. Although I already knew about O’Leary’s will to be the Conservative Party’s leader, I learned much more through your article. For example, I did not know that there have already been initiatives to stop him from joining the political scene. Moreover, what shocked me the most was when I read that he does not speak French. I am also French-Canadian, and I cherish my culture greatly. Consequently, I would expect my Prime Minister to speak both English and French. This story and this race to the Conservative Party’s leader position affects me a lot when I compare it to the situation of our southern neighbors. Having a leader that resembles Trump in Canada is not preferable for anyone. Being a of a central-left ideology myself, I could easily imagine many people amongst my family and friends, who are much more conservative than I am, that would vote for someone like O’Leary. This thought is frightening because someone with so much power and so little political experience can be unpredictable. Overall, I thought your article was very informative and interesting. I suggest you read the following article: After reading this article by the Toronto Sun, I must say that I am somewhat reassured that he is not as much of an extremist as is Donald Trump, as he states that we are an inclusive country open to immigration, and that he will protect LGBTQ+ rights. I will certainly follow the upcoming developments in Canada’s politics in the next months. Furthermore, the next federal elections will be the first one I participate in. Therefore, I want to make a well-thought-out choice on who I want my Prime Minister to be.

For the past few months, there has been plenty of speculation surrounding Kevin O’Leary for his potential bid as Prime Minister. I was pleased that you took the time to give a foundation of knowledge on the topic, especially since I recently turned the legal voting age. With an upcoming election, I will need to be prepared to make an informed decision for a leader, therefore this information on a candidate for Prime Minister is extremely relevant.
Throughout the article you clearly give all the vital information for future voters to understand the actions being conducted in the political sphere. In your summary, you highlighted the pros and cons of O’Leary as a party leader; considering his business expertise and international relations knowledge but also stating that he’s served no time at all as a politician or cannot speak French which is one of Canada’s languages.
This post is clear and helpful to build a basis for a Kevin O’Leary profile, for more info on his policies and his response to his comparisons to Trump; I suggest you look at this article by CNN:
Thanks for the post from two reliable sources; glad I could learn something new.

Hi, your post on Kevin O’Leary really intrigued me. As per your post, and my understanding of it, you declare yourself as a center left wing. I believe your audience would like an opposite point of view of Kevin O’Leary.

You speak of Kevin O’Leary as the Canadian Trump. He does take a lot of Trumps business perspectives of running a country but he also leaves behind the misogyny and racism that comes with Trump. For example, He said to Brande Roderick a woman who was on the Apprentice "It must be a pretty picture," “You dropping to you knees”.

Right wing is the “Survival of the fittest” and Kevin O’Leary is trying to make Canada the fittest.
Kevin O’Leary as stated on multiple occasions that Canada’s GDP is too low and has to increase and he will make it happen if elected by 2019. He has stated that the States has been moving forward by reducing taxes and creating jobs while Canada has been doing the opposite by raising taxes and increasing population.

We must fend for ourselves before helping others.

However, I do agree with you on his language barrier.

kevin is judged due to his success and people forget to listen to what he has to say and just look at his background. They compare him to Trump because of his business and success but not the political point of view. I think people should listen to him and the experience that is mentioned above instead of comparing him to other people.