Human Rights: The Presence of Homophobia in The World

by mirufdd on February 22, 2017 - 4:25pm


Homophobia is a discrimination to homosexual. Some countries are more severe and have impose laws that criminalize the act of love between the same sexes. We can see that in many countries from Asia and Africa and even Europe have discrimination. The worst country to discover you are attracted to your same sex is probably Iran, in Asia. However, some countries such as Canada are considered totally save for homosexuals and constantly promote their rights. In this article, using The Guardian, The Star and The Canadian Press, it will be shown that homophobia is huge problem but we have access to solutions.

Let's first take a look at one of the most severe and unsafe place to live when a homosexual. In Iran, the case is getting fuller and fuller as the death penalty for homosexual acts are increasing constantly. In “The Guardian”, the Tehran Bureau organisation explains how harsh the consequences for loving someone  are. If publicly exposed, affection of two persons of the same sex can be punished by receiving lashes, torture and even death penalty. Iran consider it as a sickness however a gay resident expressed: “They classify it as a mental illness, but at least this is an acknowledgement.” Lovers have to wait for the sun to go down to live their love publicly. In the article “Intimate Spaces: Coming out in Iran” published in June 2015, gay citizens affirms to be more scared of the reaction of the population and the judgement than the police. This is why the majority of them have to hide their love life and live in the darkness. Iran is considered to be the worst country for homosexuals rights.


This Asia country should take explain on Canada. Here, we have, as mentioned in The Star article by Irwin Cutler, that mariage is legal since now more than 10 years. Canada is one of the first countries in the world to totally accept homosexuals and respect their rights. In the article “How  Canada Led the Way on Same-Sex Mariage” wrote on July 2nd 2015, it explains how well Canada has improved over the years on this inequality. Now, there is gay areas in big cities, we education our children in school to human equalities and everyone should receive the same equality. We also use different advertisement on TV, radio and the web to promote and sensitize the population. For example, in Montreal, The Canadian Press released an article wrote by Sidhartha Banerjee where it explains a commercial advertisement made back in August 2013. The short story show actions of different couples living their love life such as texting each others but the commercial did not implicitly mentioned details on which person is in relation with which. At the end, it shows 2 women and 2 men kissing making the public realize that it doesn’t matter,  love is love. The article “ Quebec Anti-Homophobia Ads Ask: How Open-Minded Are you ?” who wears his title perfectly, mentioned that this advertisement was not create to shock people but to see the homosexuals in another eye, to realize that there is absolutely no different between the love we have for the opposite sex that for the same-sex. Quebec Government always has good ideas to help the gay community with their inequalities. 

It is why, by promoting human rights and then gay rights, Iran should start with small steps at a time to take inspiration form Canada where it is one of the safest place to live as an homosexual.





Hi mirufdd, I think you make a very good point when comparing the level of freedom enjoyed by homosexual people in Iran versus in Canada. However, even though Canada has achieved quite a high status in terms of protecting gay rights, there are other places in which Canada struggles outside of the legal aspect. I notice that you mention that most Iranian homosexuals are more afraid of societal judgement when facing the possibility of having others finding out more than actual police officers themselves. However, you did not really touch on the subject of coming out in Canadian culture or the social prejudices faced by homosexual individuals in Canada. It is true that Canada has a much more accepting culture in relation to the subject –which gives them some boasting power- however; individuals still face many obstacles which are magnified by other aspects of their identity. For example, when we introduce gender there is a multitude of different ways of treatment that a person can encounter. If one was to focus on men, for instance, men are often expected fit a very strict image of what “a man is.” Men are expected to fit this thing called the “man box” which embodies the pinnacle of masculinity. This means they should be strong, intimidating, respected, in charge, muscular, etc. Where sexuality factors in is the way in which people in society police men and boys to fit this image. Often to ensure that men fit the image other people will call them sexist (towards women) and homophobic terms. This is detrimental in multiple was to all men. For the purpose of addressing your text specifically I will ignore the ways it is detrimental to other types of men and only on homosexual men. It is especially harmful to them because, it undermines their sexuality and declares it as something that is undesirable and unmanly; it stripes them of their masculine title. I think, it would have been nice for you to maybe cover things like this in your post. However, it was interesting to see this outlook on the topic.
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