How do you fix it?

by mathewdupere on February 22, 2017 - 11:56am

Mathew dupere


How do you fix it?


As in every big city there are homeless people, Montreal being no different as the Montreal Gazette has said as many as 3016 as of July 7th 2015. Which is considered as a lot because in a perfect world the ideal number is zero. It also states that 76% of the homeless are men and the other 24% are women but 93% of the people sleeping outside are men and 7% are the women. When doing research the people deployed by the city too go survey the number of homeless they said that there is another type of homelessness such as hidden homelessness which is for example “people couch surfing in a friend's basement” said James Mcgregor.


The city of Montreal has put in place and are planning on integrating multiple solutions to help fix the problem. First of all there are a few shelters and soup kitchens such as the People's Potato and the Mission Old Brewery. Which helps a lot but it is only a temporary solution. There are also other solutions being put in place such as Global news Montreal stated “The federal government, the tory approach, is to rent private dwellings and have homeless people live there.” There are also problems with this solution such as managing the people who live there, because many people who are homeless do have mental problems. Managing them would be a challenge and they would need to have social workers there full time to make sure that everyone stays in line and nothing bad happens so they could stay in those apartments and not get evicted.


According to the Huffington post the number of homeless people has hit a record high in late 2016. In a recent study The Huffington post says “The number of people living in homeless shelters operated by the department of homeless services is about to surpass 60 000 people for the first time.” They also say that the number would have reached 67 000 if it was not for the government's recent programs. Those programs are almost the same thing as what they did in Montreal which is try to install some housing. In New York City it worked, to a certain extent because it did not end the problem it just delayed it.  They say that if they had not done this the city would’ve reached 60 000 homeless people in 2014 and would currently be a 67 000. The homeless coalition also does other things to keep the number relatively stable, for example provide families and veterans housing prevention and development emergency shelter. The solution Montreal was going to put in place was put in place in New York city and did work to a certain extent so maybe montreal could use this solution to reduce the number of homeless people.


One of the countries with the highest number of homeless is Greece, because of the economic crisis. The crisis has sent lots of people from living in their homes to living in the streets. CNN Money says that “Greece now has the highest poverty rate in the European Union”. According to CNN Money the problem is just getting worse and worse, the number of homeless people has risen by 40% in just three months. That number amounts to 20 000 people out of 660 000 in Athens. Lots of  volunteers have been helping the homeless by helping them live as a homeless person, for example where to take showers and it also says that they help them “navigate the Greek bureaucracy system to be able to get access to welfare. They also do the basic things such as give them food water blankets and other basic thing. The Greek government is currently in so much trouble because of the economic crisis that they cannot even help them because they have made huge cuts to their social services departments One of the helpers named Smetopoulos said “normally we would be able to take people to care centers but now there is nothing we can do.” He also said “The only thing we can do is show them we care.” The charities are helping a lot but they cannot do everything and it is only getting worse. Smetopoulos said “The crisis is just beginning now.




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