How can technology help us fix homelessness?

by mathewdupere on March 18, 2017 - 12:23pm

Mathew Dupere


How can technology help us fix homelessness?


One of the big problems these days is homelessness and it is taking place all over the world and solving the problem is very hard and complicated.  In the article I have chosen to read, it explains the problem we have here in Canada. It tells you how big the problem is, what there is to fix it and many more such as who and why people are homeless. The article first starts of by saying that, there has been little progress made to have a complete solution of the problem. The numbers of homeless people in Canada is very high, almost 200 000 people on any given year go without a stable living area according to the CHRN which is the Canadian homeless research network and there also is the Canadian alliance to end homelessness. They do research on the subject and have found that from 2005 to 2009 not much has changed except that the the amount of time stayed at shelters has increased. These two groups, CHRN and the CAEH said “it's time the country shifted its focus from crisis management from things like emergency shelter beds and soup kitchens to more permanent solutions.”


The article then goes on to talk about, who is homeless? The answer to that is anyone can be homeless, but the most significant type of person according to CBC news “ single male adults ages ranging from 25 to 55” they take up about 47% of the number of homeless. After that there is the youth, ranging from 16 to 24 who take up about 20% and 25% to 40% are either, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transexual.


Ways to solve the problem were also talked about in this article. They say that there are plans to help and reduce the number of homeless people in Canada. They gave an example from what Alberta has done to solve this problem, they had announced a ten year plan in 2008 to reduce the number of homeless people and so far it has worked and the number of people without anywhere to live has gone down by 16%. Unfortunately they do not say what the Province of Alberta’s plan was. One of the people working with this issue, Vicky Stergiopoulos says “We have the evidence base of what we need to do. What we lack is perhaps the know-how of how to do this transformation.”


How could we help with New Power? First of all New Power is a way to be able to share with others and for others to share with you, and for you to say what your opinion is and you can choose to say what you want and it is a way for many people to help each other towards a common goal. With New Power lots can be done for example if you set up a website with all the centers meant for helping the homeless and everyone can donate to this website and the different organizations can put up what they are in need of. The people who are willing to donate can go see what anyone needs and can potentially donate that certain thing to whatever organization is need of it. On this website you can also have forums for everyone to go on and share their ideas on how to potentially resolve certain issues without it having to be a major issue like ending the whole crisis in general. For example if a certain organization is doing a special program to help and it is working very well they can share on these forums what they are doing so other organizations can try it for themselves. So this website would be up for everyone to interact with each other and be able to help everyone out in different ways.


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