The fight that continues for the LGBT community

by BR on February 23, 2017 - 5:02pm


The fight that continues for the LGBT community

                Over the years, we have seen how our society has developed and opened up with topics that before weren’t spoken. We have grown our understanding and many have come to accept the truth of a person, what is important and how each of us should be able to have the freedom to decide and love the sex that we want. We fall in love with a person, not with a gender. As the LGBT community has fought and won many battles in this subject, they have lost many as well. Not in every country people are allowed to be free and pleased with what they choose to be. People think that this does not affect our society but it does, how can someone be murder, mistreated or even torture for what they want to be?. How can a country allow violence against the LGBT community instead of fighting against homophobia? The LGBT community is trying to prove and fight that homosexuals are equal persons to heterosexuals; they can be as successful and respectful as everyone. They should be able to have rights and not be discriminated because at the end what it changes is the affection of the same sex. 

                We should recognize how location, religious beliefs and culture affects the acceptation of LGBT community and makes it hard for them to be free. Montreal is one of the greatest cities that fight against homophobia and LGBT rights. We support them, and even our Prime Minister considers them. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined our LGBT community in the annual parade. He wanted to show that everyone should fight for the rights of homosexuals and pass to the world a message of solidarity to fight against homophobia (Montreal Gazette). In order to decrease violence towards homosexuals, the world has to open up and support the LGBT community as Montreal. In fact, Montreal will be the host for an international conference of Sexual Diversity. They want to express how important is unity for the LGBT community. We have to stop bullying for Homosexuals in schools because not only affect a person but it also affects their education (Montreal Gazette).

                This issue is bigger than we think. If we analyze the situation in other countries, we can find terrifying stories such as in Russia. Russia has taken repression methods on this community. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin has increased and used anti-LGBT hate campaigns where basic rights are violated. Putin focuses on delivering a message towards homosexuals where gays are seen as enemies. As a matter of fact, in the past months not only two gay men were murdered but also, they were humiliated when they were found dead. This happened because of the discrimination that is exposed in the streets of Russia for the LGBT community (Huffington Post). It’s unfortunate that in some extreme countries the LGBT community fears for their life. For example, we can see the case of Homosexual Samer Habib who worries about going back to Egypt to renew his passport. In an article he explained how going back home is terrifying for him. In Egypt, homosexuality is not legal and people can be humiliated, abused, incarcerated or even killed (CBC).

                There are many facts about the acceptation of LGBT that we should be proud of. In the United States of America after legalization of gay marriage, the teen suicide attempts drop a seven percent which is related to it (BBC). Homophobia affects everyone, and that is why we have to fight for equal rights.  We have to understand that this issue should be treated the same way in every country. We should not discriminate someone for what they want to be. It is extremely sad that leaders of countries kill to end with homosexuality. How can that be even possible? They are people who love as much as we do and is terrible to think that killing or discriminating will solve the problem.





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