Fake news, what?!

by mathewdupere on February 6, 2017 - 1:29am

Fake news, what?!

In this article by Robinson Meyer he discusses the effects of fake news. For example he uses a statistic that says “most Americans believe in fake news after seeing it on Facebook.” Also that more people share fake news than real news because of mainstream media such as Facebook where you can find information faster than almost anything. Another important factor that helps spread fake news is people and positions of authority such as the president and his associates, they spread fake news quite often especially very recently some examples from the article are for example that Pope Francis endorses Donald Trump. A point made is also that they do not want to admit their errors and will say things like “alternative facts” to show that what they are saying is not wrong.

With Facebook being one of the main sources of information these days it makes it very easy for people to publicise their opinions or stories on the internet. It is also easy for many people to see what they write whether it is good news or fake news. So being a “journalist” can be very easy and spreading your story can be done quite effectively.

Author: Robison Meyer
Date: Feb 3rd 2017
The Atlantic


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