Different perspectives on animals

by pascaleworld on March 26, 2017 - 8:20pm

Animals have been interesting for many people in the world. There are many jobs related around them, but there are no specific academic disciplines only about animals. However, there are disciplines you can find that can contribute to the knowledge about the wild life.


The department of history is one of them. It is the study of the past from when people first started leaving written texts according to Marc Carrier, a history teacher. In the department of history in Concordia, students will learn more about America, Europe, Asia and Africa through sub-disciplines such as law, science and environment. By learning history, it is possible to learn more about animal’s rights and history throughout the years or even how animals were treated and used in the past. If people knew the mistakes we did in the past and still do, perhaps it would prevent them to make these mistakes again.


Another way to increase your knowledge is the department of philosophy. According to McGill University, philosophy is the same thing. It is also about growing our own understanding, not only our own world, but the outside world as well. It is important to know the animal’s rights and as well our own rights as humans, but it means nothing if you do not understand them and this is why philosophy can be important. There are many questions unanswered such as what is the meaning behind talking for animals like Christiane Bailey asked, a student in the department of philosophy. There are even questions asked about how do we know if animals are truly happy with how they are, with some living in our houses. Is it really possible for us to know if they feel pain, sadness?  I do not have the answers to these questions, but philosophy can definitely help to find your own answers.


In addition, the discipline of biology is one that can definitely help to understand better. McGill describes biology as the “study of life”.  It is a word with a large variety of meanings, but they have many sub-disciplines like the history one. Some of them include evolution, neurobiology or even bioinformatics. If you know the biology of animals, you can answer some questions asked previously. You can answer the questions about if animals really do feel pain like us.


Even if one does not directly study animals, they can definitely know more about them by studying these different disciplines. If one knew more about history, philosophy and biology of animals, they could answer to many questions we have around what is right or wrong with animals.


Sources: https://www.mcgill.ca/philosophy/department-philosophy




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