Cyber Attacks in Ukraine: Tense Relations With Russia

by anthonydm on February 2, 2017 - 11:41pm


Summary of BBC News article "Hackers caused power cut in western Ukraine – US" reported on January 12th 2016

Last December in western Ukraine, a power cut caused a blackout for 80,000 people in western Ukraine’s Prykarpattyaoblenergo utility, which is said to be the first acknowledged power outrage produced by a cyber attack.

The state security service in Ukraine has said that the attack came from hackers in Russia. Analysts have attributed the attack to be caused by a hacking group called "Sandworm Team" because of a certain malware called "BlackEnergy 3", which is their calling card. The incident was created by a type of hacking called "spear-phishing", which is a simple way to spread malware aimed at inviduals by making people open an email. When opened, the malware can spread over the computer and access it remotely.

A region that has been annexed by Vladimir Putin from Ukraine called Crimea has also had many power cuts since March last year, when Russians took their territory, and is being blamed by Russia to be the Ukrainians work.

This problem could be solved if Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko, the leaders of Russia and Ukraine would have better relations with each other’s countries. If there was more organisation with cyber crimes in Ukraine, this problem might not have happened. One should also be more educated with computers to know how to deflect viruses. There should also be better relationships between the West part of Ukraine, which is more leftist, and Russia, which is often categorized as a rightist country.

BBC news is a popular and trustworthy news source that reports their articles with as least bias as they possibly can. The article does not have an author because BBC claims responsibility for this article, which makes it more reliable.



Your news summary was very well written. I see that you used BBC's news article, however you didn't leave a link to the source which would have been much easier for the reader. Also, if you were to add another source to increase the reliability. I believe you could have added a Russian news source to add more intel and reliability to it. Overall, your article was very interesting and didn't go off context nor did it have any unnecessary details.

To make your article more complete, I would have added this source I found from The Guardian which is a very well known Ukraine media source. The article is most reliable because of its author Rober Tait who has been covering the topic of the Cyber Attack in Ukraine. The author has also worked for other known media sources like Times in Jerusalem. The following articles say that the hack was very similar to the attack against the system of the Democratic party in the United States. This attack was the Czech Republic's biggest security scandal in recent years. Lastly, the source gives us the identity of the hacker, Yevgeniy Nikulin who has been charged with offences relating to the hacking of computer networks belonging to LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring.