children forced to take part into the war

by gabrielleL on January 29, 2017 - 7:07pm

On December 21, 2016, Amnesty International posted a press release called “Children caught in the crossfire of the battle for Mosul suffer horrific injuries and trauma” on their website. Because Amnesty international is a well-known and respected organization, we can assume that the information they collected on the subject is reliable. In addition to that, the fact the there is no specific author suggests that the entire organization agreed on the text's content, which makes it even more reliable. In their press release, Amnesty international explains the difficulty and horror witnessed by their representative who was sent in Iraq. Many issues are reported in this article. First of all, because of the ongoing conflict between the IS and the government forces, many children are killed and injured. Secondly, this article focus on the issue of child soldier. After being captured by the IS' soldiers, many young boys are forced to take part in the war. They will then learn how to kill someone by decapitation and many other ways to injure the enemies. Even though some children are able to escape, the things they witnessed are still hunting them and many rescued children are traumatized for life. Another issue raised by Amnesty International in this article is the way rescued children are treated once they arrive to the refugee camps. Children’s trauma are not properly addressed, because of the limited medical resources found in the region. After being rescued, children are send in overpopulating camps and hospital where health care are almost inexistent. The few doctors present are not trained to deal with the kind of trauma children suffer from. Because of the atrocity they witnessed, the children need psychological help, but sadly there is no such thing in the camps. Even though the situation in Iraq is catastrophic, there are still many organizations that are collecting money to help improve the situation. For example, money can be donated in order to provide psychological help for children who suffer from trauma. 


Great writing very interesting, I believe that these children shouldn't be brought up to this pressure and to this horrible act of killing. I also agree with the giving of donation's to help the mental health of these innocent children. I enjoyed reading your piece it was very interesting!