Abortion is a Right

by SamanthaW on March 25, 2017 - 9:01am

Abortion is the right to a woman/ young girl to change something they are not proud of, or something they have been forced into without consent. To show that is can be a health hazard and can endanger the mother to be. Three important dialects to look into are, Women’s Rights, Nursing, and Public health. These three topics tie into the subject of abortion.


Women’s rights are laws entitled to women and young girls around the world . The link will give more information about the rights a women is given. A couple of these include having a right to live, being free from discrimination, violence, and many more. Another link talks about reproductive rights for women. It mentions how one is entitled to plan a family, terminate a pregnancy, use the contraceptive pill, and more details on the website. Women’s right gives the chance for a woman or a girl to change her path. Here is some information from the Government of Canada that talks about the rights women now have, as well as how far they have come, from not being seen as people, to now being presidential candidates, mayors, doctors and so on.


Nursing is part of every health care system in the world. This program is there to comfort and help families, recover to full health and have a good quality of life. There are many definitions when it comes to nursing. The general idea of nursing is, a health care provider that is there for a patient, whether they’d be dying, ill, preventing someone from becoming ill, etc. to make sure you are comfortable under any circumstances. A women that wants to get an abortion, will have a health care provider guiding her through it step by step. Nursing is tied to abortions, in a way because the woman wanting the abortion will be seeking for help, and that is when a nurse will be of need, to care for the woman, whether they agree with the decision or not.


Public health is provided to every individual. The definition of public health is to improve the health of any individual who seeks for help, promote living a healthy lifestyle, and preventing and controlling diseases. Since public health care is provided to everyone, a woman who is in need of help, due to a health problem caused by the pregnancy, wants to terminate the pregnancy, or is saying that she might end her life if nobody helps her, they must provide her the helps she is demanding. Every individual is accepted, they cannot deny someone that is asking for help.


These three topics offer comfort for any woman that feels under pressure to keep their pregnancy, but in the end, every women in this world is entitled to their own body, and can do what they want with it. Sadly, it is not in every country that it is legal for a woman to do such things. Stand for what you believe is right, and help women around the world get their own voice.


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