Fake news around the Houston hurricane

by paulocandido12 on February 13, 2018 - 3:02pm

The article talks about the fake news around the Houston hurricane. In the article, the author proves to readers that the pictures circulating around social media or other news were actually fake. The pictures illustrate planes underwater in the Houston airport during Hurricane Harvey. Through the article, Snejana Farberov proves that all pictures were not true, and actually from simulation that was put together in 2013 by Climate Central. People were taking advantage of the hurricane to promote fake news. 

Identifying fake news is becoming more and more difficult. It’s not that readers are ignorant, but it’s that the news format is easy to imitate and some true stories are outlandish enough to beggar belief.

For example the news on the Houston hurricane is based in simulation that was present years ago, so they took advantage of that to actually create the fake news. To identify the credibility of the one article, some steps have to be followed. To check the credibility of my article, I followed some steps. First, I had to recognize what kind of content I was looking at. Second, usually news content cites sources for the information, these are documents or data that you need to analyze. Third; find for evidences that proves the main ideas of the article. 

Follow the steps is important, but in my opinion the most important think to do, it is research about the author. In the case of my article I did. Snejana Farberov is the author of my article, she is an online reporter at MailOnline US. She is fluent in Russian, Hebrew and Italian. She has been working for MailOnline US since April 2012, but she did work already at daily news as a freelancer writer. She did go to Saint John's University. All those informations about the writer make the article you are reading credible, because if you don’t anything about the writer the article you are reading is no longer credible anymore. 

Today we live in a society where anyone can take advantage of the technology. Actually any person can create a fake news and post it. Different from the past that only reliable writers could write news in the newspapers. But at the same time we can easily have access about any kind of information about the readers, anytime, also different from the past, where no one could know more about the writers. 

In my opinion today is easier to figure it out if an article is fake or not, but we are so used to read and believe in the first thing we see that our society is easy to be deceived and that’s the main reason a lot people take advantage of fake news. 







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