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by Dylantor on February 7, 2017 - 9:33pm


The rhinoceros has been a target to poachers for many decades for their keratin horns. Many subspecies of the black rhino have been declared extinct for example the southern black rhinoceros and the one I will be talking about in this platform is the western black rhinoceros. The black rhino has been declared “critically endangered” in 2008. In 2008, a survey of the jungles in northern Cameroon has failed to produce any form of evidence of the western black rhino still habiting the land. They were looking for signs of feeding or feces but no evidence arose. In 2016 the western black rhino has been officially declared extinct by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

(mother nature network, Laura Moss, Oct. 10, 2016)

Laura Moss a credible author for mother nature network.

In my macroeconomics class we have seen the lucrative business of poaching. The biggest problem is that keratin horn is selling in a very lucrative market, selling for approximately $300,000 each horn. This provides poachers with a large ambition to gain wealth. This also gives poachers enough money to invest in utilities used for poaching.

You can be involved in the fight against rhino poaching by donation or by volunteer. By using the website you can make a small donation or you can sign up with them to take an exciting and adventurous trip to KwaZulu-Natal Region of south Africa for a small fee of $8,540 for a 16 day trip. The itinerary will include 7 nights at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge to help look after the endangered rhino that inhabit the area and 4 nights at Thonga Beach to keep an eye on the dolphins and sea turtles. By doing this volunteer work you will be supervising and aiding many different species of south African endangered animals.

There are other volunteer programs that range from free of charge to $10,000. These programs are specific to volunteering in south Africa.






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