Educating for a Better Understanding

by Kosta123 on February 10, 2017 - 12:05pm



The Montreal Gazette published an article titled “Parti Québécois unveils plan to better integrate immigrants” this article sparked due to the recent mosque shooting in Quebec City. This article states that PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée brought up a number of measures at bettering the integration of immigrants and dealing with racism and discrimination in Quebec. Some of the major changes brought up were to “do more to recognize the diplomas and skills of immigrants, who possess an unemployment rate well above the provincial average.” Another aspect mentioned was “for increased fines for discrimination in hiring or in the provision of housing, along with financial incentives to those who hire immigrants and funding for job training programs”. One of the more important measure was to have “a course on citizenship that would promote a “culture of anti-racism and against discrimination” through the social spectrum, including religion, gender equality, democracy and sexuality.”. I find this to be very important because education is a crucial factor in changing one’s point of view.


This article was very well writing giving the fact that I have read many news articles on the Quebec mosque shooting. It had been very well structured and it has been said short and sweet. For your information, they had found out that some Quebecor's had done this school shooting and there were Muslims that were the victims and saw it happen. The blame was set on the Muslims because of the fear of many other people around the world. Great work on your article!