Animal Lives Matter

by amaliatoma on February 10, 2017 - 11:17am

            Animal cruelty is a subject that is being disregarded by many but shouldn’t be. Numerous people take this subject very lightly and don’t really know or think about it. I guarantee that many readers reading this will be surprised to find out the amount of times a Canadian abuses an animal. This is why I’ve taken on this issue and have chosen to talk about it. 

            There’s an article from CBC news called “Animal abuse on the rise across Canada” written by Brodie Fenlon and posted on Nov 11, 2016. It talks about a specific example of an incident where a dog was subjected to maltreatment. The dog was chained to the back of its owner’s car and dragged all the way through a country road. Then, the article gives an estimate number of received calls regarding animal abuse. The number is around 16,000 calls coming from Ontario and the worst part is, most of the time, the abusers get away with it. Additionally, the laws for animal abuse are not harsh enough to prevent such abuses. The maximum penalty a Canadian may be faced with is six months in jail, a $2000 fine and a two-year ban from owning a pet. 

            Now, with this said, there are easy contributions one can make in order to minimize and control animal abuse. Simple steps such as; supporting any initiatives to strengthen your state’s anti-cruelty laws, contributing or volunteering at your local shelter and getting pet care/behavior pamphlets for you and your fellow coworkers. All these small measure can help diminish/prevent animal abuse. It doesn’t take much to help and it certainly doesn’t hurt to spread the word if you care for animals.   


i find that you brought up all the important information from the article that you read. I find that you have chosen a topic that not a lot of people pay attention to and that people often ignore. Some things to improve upon would be just making it more interesting to attract more readers. everything else seems to be good. I did not know that the maximum penalty a Canadian may be faced with is six months in jail, a $2000 fine and a two-year ban from owning a pet but now i know.

here is another article that you might find interesting --->

Thank you for choosing a topic that not many people talk about. This is a topic that is very important to me and speaks to me. I remember hearing about that story with the dog being dragged behind his owner’s truck. I was so upset when I heard about that, after that i went to hug my dog. How can people be so cruel? I see post about animal abuse all over my Face book and each one breaks my heart. Your post was very interesting and actually taught me a couple of things. I didn’t even know that the maximum penalty a Canadian can face is six months in jail and that they have to pay $2000 fine. Your post was well written and right to the point, you put the important facts and did not put any useless facts.

Based on the information from your post, readers are given a clear and understanding view of the main events that occurred in the article you chose. Your post was intriguing because, of just the other day, I read about the movie “A dogs Purpose.” You may not have been aware but there was a video of a dog being abused to conduct certain tasks. Animal cruelty is just as bad on humans as it is for animals, for that reason, people should be charged more than just facing six months in jail, a $2000 fine and a two-year ban from owning a pet. Animal cruelty was bad enough in this movie that he author of the book itself was petitioning to remove the movie from airing worldwide. However, not successful the movie has been receiving a lot of backlash about animal cruelty. For more information to further interest you, here is a link to Terry’s Law which describes more on the law against animal cruelty;

First point I would like to mention is that although I was aware of animal cruelty prior to reading your post I am now more enlightened about how bad the conditions are for animals. I also found it interesting how there are not many laws that are being enforced on animal cruelty.

Second point I would like to mention is that you are interested in how we, as humans, can help protect the animals from being abused. The ethical approach you are applying is virtue ethics. In case you do not understand the meaning of virtue ethics, it is when someone understands the moral norm such as happiness, and practical wisdom. That being said, we need to be the ones who are solving the problem of animal cruelty, and we need to be the ones taking responsibility for how we treat animals. As you mention, we need to take on more responsibility starting with educating every one about the bad conditions animals go through daily. The more people that are educated on animal cruelty, the more we can do to prevent animal brutality from happening/continuing to them. Thus, we need to practice virtue ethics to start our process of reducing the amount of animal cruelty that is happening around the world.    

I really liked the way that you described the animal cruelty. You also gave us a clear idea of what kind of protection we should offer to animals and the way that we should take care of all the animals.

I think that what you are saying is very true and animal abuse is an issue that should be stopped whenever it can be. It is important to remember that the adults of this world who choose to abuse an animal are probably not very educated on the needs of these animals. That's why organizations like Engage are important: they educate the youth of the present to ensure a better future for their pets. They value responsibility, cooperation, compassion, respect and civic engagement. Throughout the year, they plan collaborations with shelters, schools and community organizations. Engage offer four types of hands-on workshops that are good volunteer opportunities for young people. They can be contacted through the email

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