Searching for My High School Bully: A Confrontation 25 Years After

by Ahmadsalah on February 16, 2015 - 9:29pm

Bullies Do Affect Your Life

Bullying is a very common act in our communities. Mostly practiced in schools. It is a very negative treatment towards other fellow classmates, teachers, co-workers and etc… Bullying can be defined as, when there are three sides in a bullying situation; the bully, the victim and the bystander. The bully usually uses their superior strength to intimidate the victim. The problem can be labeled as bullying when the bully targets the victim and bullies them more than two times. The bystander is as bad as the bully for not taking a step forward and not trying to prevent the bully from an taking action. Bullying can happen to anyone at any age. Mostly because the bully is bullied at their own homes and want to enforce their anger on others to prove to themselves or others that they are superior. Although that is not always the case, not all bullies have problems in their homes or were bullied in the past. There are several types of bullying such as; verbal bullying, cyber bulling, physical bullying and social bullying. It is sad to say that in this generation bullying has become worse than before due to the internet and social media. This is because it can haunt you where ever you go and still discomfort the victim. It also causes more than one person to be involved in the bullying of the victim. Cyber bullying is easy because bullies do not have to confront the victim since they are hiding behind a screen. Whereas Verbal bullying in some cases is very touching in a negative way because words do hurt and stick with the person forever which causes them to live in fear or guilt. Physical bullying is when the bully uses physical actions to hinder the victim/when violence is present. Which causes victim to be injured or beaten up. Finally social bullying is an aggressive social behaviour intended to hurt the victim, this kind of behaviour generally includes verbal abuse, gossip and etc… This causes the victim to develop mental and emotional harm and social isolation. Adults also get bullied at work places and in schools even sometimes at home. There are many deaths every year associated with bullying acts mostly being the victim by commenting suicide. It also can rarely be the bully for being guilty. Many people are not aware that anti bullying laws or organizations have been funded in their communities. This can help them prevent and avoid the bullying. Generally victims do not speak up for help and continue to accept being bullied or they commit suicide thinking it is the easy way out. Many people still carry that scar from being bullied in their past life along their journey to their future lives. They are scars that no therapist can solve, it can be a real scar or emotional scar. Perhaps all communities should by CM">invest/promote anti-bullying organizations. This is  behavirol act the should been change and it cant be sustinable or it wold keep affecting the generations negativly Governments should enforce laws against bullying in all forms. To prevent innocent targets from living in fear and being hurt where instead they can live a normal life that they deserve. Thankfully in Canada there are anti bullying organizations and laws and in some other parts of the world but that does not mean bullying has stopped because it did not. So be a change and prevent bullying by simply not being the bully or the bystander.,28804,2095385_2...


I find this post is really interesting. I don’t know many people who have been bullied, so I count myself lucky. But I do know that the ones who are bullied don’t exactly want to talk about it. So I find that it’s our duty to help them even if they don’t want it because I think you’re right, it can lead to depression or to them committing suicide. I decided to focus more on the suicide part; I did a little research and found this non-profit organization that focuses on helping people that are having suicidal thoughts, it’s called Suicide Action Montreal. Their goal is to help people who are suicidal, who live in a suicidal environment or have been affected by suicide. It is possible to volunteer after having hours of training, but it’s also possible to donate by buying a bracelet and with that, it helps spread awareness to the world. Here’s the link to their main page: “Suicide is not an option!”