1,215: The Record Number of Rhinos Poached in 2014

by alex_mann on February 15, 2015 - 5:01pm

Over the years we have seen that poaching has gone up, especially in a country like Africa that has many amazing and majestic animals, yet people still kill them for the sole purpose to make money. Elephants are poached for their tusks, tigers for their beautiful fur, and finally rhinos are poached for their horns. Wild rhinos are disappearing at an alarming pace and it must stop.

This article talks about the poaching of rhinos, and how the numbers have gone up tremendously over the past decade. In 2007, only 13 rhinos were poached, in 2008 there were 83 cases and now in 2014 there are a reportedly 1215 rhinos that have been poached.  That is over 90 times more than in 2007!  The majority of the deaths are in South Africa which holds 80% of the world rhinos and, more specifically in the Kruger national park which holds the majority of South Africa’s rhinos; therefore this is a big problem. Poachers from Mozambique travel in and out of the reserve with ease.  There has been change in the number of arrests which does help; 43 more arrests in 2014 than in 2013. Furthermore some species of rhinos, the javan & Sumatran rhinos, are on the brink of extension. Already 49% of South Africa’s rhinos have been poached, on top of all this, Africa’s rhinos are more poached then they are breaded; therefore with the rising numbers of poachers there must be a big change if not there might not be many rhinos left on the planet

In my opinion this is a very serious problem for the animal world and it disgusts me. When you see what people go through just to make money, it is horrendous. These poachers after they kill the rhino take their horns and leave the animal, it is inhumane! The horns are then brought back to Asia via the black market.  This is a major problem in poor, or third world countries such as South Africa or Mozambique. I believe that if there were no poverty in these countries, there would be no need for poaching what so ever, although poverty is a much bigger problem.
These poachers need to make a living and make money but poaching is obviously not the way to do so. The border of Mozambique and South Africa should be a lot more watched and border control should be a lot stricter, at least so poachers can’t cross the border with ease. Although in countries such as Mozambique and South Africa there is a lot of corruption and it is much harder to put in strict and organized border control.
Rhinos are part of the “big five” (lions, elephant, buffalo and leopards) and are a very majestic animal in my opinion, they should not be poached for any reason what so ever.  The only way we can help this endangered species is to raise awareness and help conservation groups control the rhino’s population. If there is not a big change in the next couple of years, the rhino population might be whipped out completely


After reading your article, I was quite appalled by the staggering and rising rates of poached rhinoceros. I researched to see if any measures were taken in order to counter this major problem. I fell upon a non-profit organization called SAVE African Rhino Foundation whose major objective is to support anti-poaching practices especially for African and Zimbabwe Black Rhinoceros. They have contributed to the elimination of poaching practices by distributing anti-poaching supplies to national parks. Even though this non-profit organization is based in Australia, you can volunteer by becoming a member and participating in one of their trips to Africa. You can also donate money. Here is the link to the organization if you are ever interested in volunteering or donating.