this warm winter

by rebstooke on February 8, 2016 - 9:49pm

The article ‘’ Josh Freed: For most Montrealers, this is the winter of our content’’ published on February 5, 2016, on the Montreal Gazette, suggest that this is the warmest winter of all time. Increasingly, some downtown café-terrasse were open last week (January 29, 2016) because the weather permitted it. It is not just in Quebec that we have a weather problem, in arctic, they had to cancelled their famous dogsled races because it was too warm. Even more, this year, the Canada recognizes the warmest winter and the snowless winter of all history. According to me, that is why, nowadays, winter is less popular than any other seasons. Our winters are no longer covered with white, they are grey and ‘’slushi’’. A servey indicates that 25% of all Quebecers still prefer winter but the rest of them do not agree very well with it, according to the article. I remember that when I was younger, schools were cancelled because of the snow. There was so much snow that people could not leave their homes. We were going outside all day to play in the snow but this year, children can not do this because of the snowless. I am certain that this drastic change in temperature is due to global warming which causes serious problem in our environment, such as many floods and severe drought in different corner of the planet. The principal solution is to make progrets in renewable energy such as invest in wind turbine.


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