A very generous couple

by alexebelec on March 28, 2016 - 11:24am

Danielle Eden and her husband Rob Scheinberg went to an animal shelter in Israel for an animal rescue mission in January 2016. This couple usually brings back a couple of dogs from animal shelters. Before their last mission, they already had rescued 225 dogs and kept them in their animal shelter, called Dog Tales. There shelter, that is situated in the city King in the north of Toronto, where they rescue dogs and horses. 

They were however horrified by what they found this time. It was not made for any kind of animal alive. It was overcrowded, filled with filthy rats and the poor dogs were living in misery. They immediately brought back 25, and had to take care of 225 others. The couple was facing a difficult situation: which dog should be saved, and which one should be left in that miserable situation? They couldn’t decide, so they decided to buy the entire animal shelter. There were 250 dogs. Eden immediately got a veterinarian to go and give so help and care to the poor dogs that were in desperate need for help. They were able to transfer 90 dogs in other decent animal shelters in Israel, and is planning to bring back 150, as soon as they will be healthy enough to take the plane.

They were able to save a lot of dogs, but there are still several dogs and many other animals that need to be helped, and volunteering for animal shelters is a great way to contribute a little for those animals.


Here's the video of the couple's story in Israel: http://globalnews.ca/video/2558565/ontario-couple-cant-decide-which-dogs...


Ontario couple can’t decide which dogs to rescue, buys entire Israeli animal shelter. Jenny Sung. Global News. March 4th, 2016. http://globalnews.ca/news/2558566/ontario-couple-cant-decide-which-dogs-to-rescue-buys-entire-israeli-animal-shelter/



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