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by Noon on April 20, 2016 - 4:59pm

I read an article about a case of human trafficking in Toronto. For those who read my previous posts, I already wrote multiple news summaries on this issue. In this case a 34 year old man and a 23 year old women were arrested and charged for multiple criminal offences including human trafficking. These people were accused after their 18 year old victim was able to flee and contact the authorities. She testified on how was her horrible treatment that she was forced into sexual activities with men and to take pictures of herself that would be posted on the internet to attract more clientele. 

What caught my eye in this article was the last line. "Police believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to come forward." Although this is not a new message and police are often asking for victims to come forth and speak about their problems, the problem is that victims are often not predispositioned to talk. On one hand, some victims are traumatised by their experience and are too afraid to talk about, but in other cases, (as I argued in one of my previous posts) the victim does not realise that she is a victim in this situation. The problem with human-trafficking, especially with those people that are being brought from abroad because they wanted to immigrate, is that they are not aware that the treatment that they receive is not their fault. They know that it is terrible, but sometimes the victim thinks that she brought it upon herself. 

This is why I believe that awareness is important for this issue. Also raising awareness became relatively easy in our 21st century. Some people post different things everyday on their Facebook pages. Some of them get likes, some of them get reposted and some of them help people. They are also multiple helpful sites such as Kickstarter that helps people to fund their projects. My point is that in our society, it became easy to impact the world using technology and mostly internet. There are multiple possibilities opened to help the issue of human trafficking! It is easy to use this technology in order to raise awareness and to teach others on this issue. An example of such an action would be to upload multiple videos that would explain the dangers of human trafficking and explain to people how can they avoid these situations or help other people that got in these situations. With “new power” raising awareness becomes so much easier and people would learn so much more on this issue. 



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