Once in a Lifetime 'Better Than Christmas' Experience

by ClarissaB on January 29, 2016 - 10:31am

We can all agree that there are only a few things that beat a warm Christmas morning with relatives and a beautiful tree, am I correct?  Jason Madger does not think so as he writes a stunning and exciting article entitled ''Syrian Refugees Arrive for Start of Long Resettlement'' in the Montreal Gazette on December 13th, 2015. He explains that it was a tiring and extremely long process for Syrians who had to be finger-printed and medically checked upon arrival to Montreal airport. However, there were also many positive and uplifting aspects which, in his opinion, beat the idea of Christmas entirely. Madger witnessed sponsor families welcoming the parents and children that they will be fostering. It was one of the best Christmas presents for many of the individuals at the airport, he stated. It is also mentioned that the new residents will receive education in order to learn both English and French as well as be entitled to lodging and jobs. Many children are psychologically shocked when they leave their danger zone and arrive in a land of peace. Madger mentions that the refugee programs are in place to provide these children with the calmest and most understanding arrivals into our country. They are given new, warm clothes as well as stuffed toys and blankets. The source of this information is reliable since it is processed through many editors of the Montreal Gazette as well as written in a true professional manner. The tone of the article gives me confidence that the article contains authentic and accurate information. Madger did an amazing job in relying a convincing and strong-willed article. In closing, all of the goods mentioned above would not be possible without the generosity of the Canadian population. It is time to provide these people with many more wonderful years, each filled with a miraculous and amazing Christmas. In order to make the rest of the year run smoothly the Canadian government is asking for donations of any kind. The link to Madger's article can be found here : http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/syrian-refugees-arrive-at-trudeau-airport-for-start-of-long-resettlement-process and includes many ways we can lend a helping hand. Let's make this year better than Christmas for our new fellow Canadians! 


I found it very interesting to hear about Syrians in Canada, because we did not hear of them since December in the news. It is interesting to see there point of view instead of the panic a lot of Canadians felt towards Syrians, such as how the children were still traumatized of the war when they arrived here, you chose a great article to read about I found it very interesting! The source you linked is reliable because it describes what you talk about in more details and it is good to see how people are living in heel compared to us in Canada. The feature of a photo in your assignment is helpful to imagine how people were when they came to Canada.