Is it too cold to ski?

by Cynthia_pare on February 8, 2016 - 4:52pm

Winter, in 2016, has a hard time deciding either to give warmth or coldness to the Canadian population.  As a quebecoise, I used to define coldness with -30s and below, but this year -10 is a damn cold day.  Ski stations are struggling! The temperature this year is highly above normal seasons. According to John Azpiri in the article: Will Climate Change Bring an End to a Regular Ski Season on B.C. Coastal Mountains? “Of the 53 ski runs on Cypress Mountain, only nine were open on Monday and much of the snow on the slopes was man-made.” This article was written on the 13th of January and this mountain is located in the rockies in British Columbia! Canada is the country of snow and normally in B.C. it is the place to be for any passionate skiers, because of its powder. Just to remind you, it was on the 13 of January, in B.C.! Do you realise how bad our situation is, as skiers? M. Azpiri says that experts even say that it is question of time before we see an end to regular ski season. In 2015, we reached the worst case scenario of green gas emissions and it is not getting better at all. Montrealais could all noticed by the pouring rain of yesterday, which is very abnormal! Flooding issues are replacing the accidents caused by snow on the road. By the end of November, I usually am on the slope. However, this year, it was impossible for the end of December, about a month later.

However, as passionate skiers we are not helping the case, we are directly making it worse. With the absence of snowflakes we create fake ones to be able to practice our sport. With the lack of snow, man-made snow is becoming more and more used by stations. It obviously has a direct impact on the climate change and not in the right way! Ski stations, if they want to survive just cannot care about the environment. Unfortunately, we do not have that many option. It is either we continue skiing and contribute to the global warming, or we put a cross to full season from November to April. We have to face the reality!