Evolve Human Beings Must Make a Change

by alexebelec on February 8, 2016 - 2:10pm

On February first, seventeen defenseless kangaroos were brutally murdered on a road in the eastern city of Brisbane. They have been found on the road in a distance of 100 meters long.  The carcasses of 16 kangaroos were found dead this Monday, said Michael Beatty, who works for the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). There was also one other kangaroo suffering of severe injuries, and has been euthanized. A lot of those creatures were young, Beatty said. He also is certain that the animals were run over on purpose. There are some tire marks on the ground that can prove his argument. This is clearly animal cruelty! Since my mom is a veterinarian, I grew up in an animal-loving house-hole. There is so much animal cruelty in the World, and this is only an example of what is happening in the world. I find it disgusting to see evolved human beings killing creatures that are supposed to live in harmony in our world. We should now start creating a peaceful world with all of the other species!



I agree that it is disgusting and that it is such an inhuman thing to do to animals, but let’s not refer the one (or those) who did that as “evolved human being”. Anybody with a minimum of consciousness wouldn’t have done something as cruel as this and to say I think that saying that this is the fault of the human kind is a little over the line. There are cruel and people everywhere and nobody can stop them from being. I remember my cousin kicking cows for no reason at our family farm and even if I stopped him that time, I knew I couldn’t be there every time he gets mad and start to hit them again. We can’t fix the problem, but maybe we can reduce the damages.

I agree that killing animals for no reason is degrading but, by taking your example, far from being threatened, the kangaroos are present everywhere (http://www.toutsur-laustralie.com/presentation-generale/faune-australien...). I also agree that there is too much animal cruelty on earth but, according to me, it is a vicious circle. Since the beginning of all time, bigger animals depends on smaller ones to survive. It is all normal. If I take the example of my father, he hunts mooses every year since he was young and everything is well organized. He has a limit of mooses that he can kill everytime so that there is no danger for the survival of this species. I strongly agree that if everybody respects their legal limits, any species would be in danger. I also recommend you to write a little more about your subject so it would be a lt more convincing. However, you did a good job.