Donald Trump, “beloved and sinless leader!”

by Noon on January 27, 2016 - 5:30pm

By reading news on the internet, I bumped into an article from Master`s graduate S.E. Cupp, a journalist for Cable National News (CNN) on presidential candidate Donald Trump. Even though Cupp is a conservative columnist, I think she is a good source for this issue. I believe her to be a good source not only for the fact that she has a Master`s degree in Arts from the New York`s University, but mainly due to the fact that she is willing to attack the head candidate of the political party for whom she is writing in the news.

 Although there are already a lot of different news and articles on Trump`s politics, this article caught my attention due to the importance of the subject. In her article, Cupp comments on Trump`s allegation about the fact that he “could shoot someone on the 5th avenue and lose no voters, nor popularity” Cupp explains how disturbing she things this situation is. Even though Trump admitted later on CNN that he was joking, the journalist is sure that if the candidate would put his words into acts, he would indeed lose no popularity among his partisans.

Cupp goes deeper in her assumption by comparing Trump to other charismatic figures such as Beatle`s head singer John Lenon, who declared that “the Beatles were more popular than Jesus” and got a raise in ratings, or communist leader Joseph Stalin that killed a huge amount of his own people within his reign, but still remained in power until he died.

Although it is difficult for someone to change how another person`s essence or behavior. Such as one psychologist could not change Trump`s politics or behavior, or the behavior of all his followers. However it is through knowledge and the study of history that people manage to learn about past mistakes and avoid doing the same mistakes in the future. There might not be an American who could change the point of view that Donald Trump presents, but I believe that it is the duty of every citizen that can get a proper education, to seek such an education. This way people could get the knowledge they need to understand how such thoughts as Trump`s thoughts can be dangerous and lead to a dreadful future.  





I said America, not Americans, because as the common people already know he is not a very judicious human being. Obama is someone who is judicious and sane, but sadly he can't run again. He brought good public services to his people and the United Stated had some comfortable years under his tenure, but at what price. Quebec is the most taxed province in Canada because of all the public services we get and we keep on having more and more debt, the same thing is happening to our southern neighbors. Not only America has already the biggest debt of all the countries on earth but the cost of the services its residents get is only making it worse. Trump would be the answer to that problem. Not a lot of businessmen are ready to go from making millions, even billions of dollars per year, to just over a hundred thousand, but he is. Plus, because he is already rich, he won't care about the gifts and offer he would get from big companies or other institutions. That makes him harder to corrupt and no corruption in a government is always a good thing. Also, his campaign slogan ''Make America Great Again'' is exactly what America needs at this moment: be great. His knowledge in the business area is going to be a big advantage to this country in need of financial stability. In what concerns your article, I think it is very well written and that you expressed your opinion in a more subtle and elegant way that the author of your source, who seemed biased. Since you sound objective on the subject, I suggest you could search on why people reacted that way and why the journalist in your source interpreted Donald Trump's comments that way. It seems to me that after many apologies and explanations about what he said he should be understood about it but it doesn't look like that.

Barney thank you very much for sharing your point of view with me. I analyzed it in detail and you made me realize that they were multiple flaws in what I have written. Flaws that may not be apparent, but are quiet real. Thanks again!
P.S.: It might be me, but I think that your article is older than the issue that took place with Trump. Just for the support of your argument.

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