The dangers and effects of the Zika virus

by vincentrobert on January 25, 2016 - 3:16pm

Latin America has recently been affected by a devastating virus that has multiple impacts on various components of society. Effectively, the Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes through bites and it causes pregnant women to give birth to babies suffering from microcephaly, especially if the pregnant women becomes ill during the first trimester of pregnancy. It also causes symptoms such as suffering from fever, headaches, conjunctivitis, joint pains and rashes during a period of time that can last from two to seven dats. In Emily Smith's article on CNN "" it is stated that there has been a Zika virus outbreak that started in the beginning of 2015 in Brazil and that begins to expand in other parts of Latin America. The virus had originally appeared in Africa and then French Polynesia.  The World Health Organization has issued an official statement saying that the virus is likely to spread in all but two countries of South and Central America. In reaction to this virus outbreak and its effects on a woman's body, the WTO recommended that pregnant women should temporarily not go in countries affected by the virus, such as Brazil, Ecuador, Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, etc. Governments of Ecuador, Colombia, Salvador and Jamaica even recommended to their own populations to postpone planned pregancies in order to prevent babies from having microcephaly. 






This is a really interesting summary, I had never heard of this virus before.
Reading your summary, I'm able to understand the case of the virus in the Latin American countries and also the virus itself.
Your text is well constructed, which helps to clearly understand what you are talking about.
In this article, it is interesting because we can study the case of a particular family that is affected by the virus. We not only get information on the virus, but also the story of witnesses and pictures related to this health problem.

It is really important to talk about planetary challenges, in this case a virus, that a lot of people may contract. I personally think that, as a society, we should talk more about social issues that can affect many people, regardless of the region in the world where the crisis takes place. We did talked a lot about the Ebola crisis in Africa and there is no reason not to talk about the Zika virus infection. Moreover, your summary is clearly written which allows the reader to quickly understand the issue that you are writing about.
This article, published by the Pan-American Health Organization, gives other information about the virus, how and where it can be contracted. It also mentioned how to protect yourself from contracting the virus, which I find very interesting.