by rebstooke on April 10, 2016 - 11:24pm

In the article ‘’ MILLION-DOLLAR MURRAY; DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES’’ published in The New Yorker and written by Malcom Gladwell in 2006, suggest that the problem of homelessness may be easier to solve than to manage. Homelessness become a national issue in 1980 and the assumption was that the majority of the homeless people were in the semi-permanent distress. According to a research done by a young college student named Dennis Culhane, "We found that eighty per cent of the homeless were in and out really quickly of the shelter," he said. Which means that, in Philadelphia, the longest period of time that someone is homeless is only one day and these person never come back at the shelter. The second most common length is two days. It also suggest that the last 10% of people are called episodic users. This means that these person would come at the shelter for a period of three weeks at the time and then come back periodically. Many of them were disabled or mentally ill. According to my last post about family homelessness (http://www.newsactivist.com/en/news-summary/champlain-college-2016-newsactivist-contemporary-issues-complementary-course/family) it is a story about a family that was struggling to find a new home for themselves because the couple both suffer from disabilities and are on welfare. I find this really heartbreaking to see that it is so hard for disabled person to find a home to protect their family and for them to be safe because they should have the same rights as everybody else. They are part of the society and we should all accept everyone as they are. They do not deserve to be rejected or poorly treated because of their malfunctions.

This group costs the health system and social services much more than anyone had ever expected. Culhane estimated that in New York at least seventy-two million dollars were spent annually only shelter. "It costs twenty-four thousand dollars a year for one of these shelter beds," culhane said. It would be much easier to provide them (disabled people) access to housing. There would be far fewer homeless and it would cost cheaper to the whole society to support their needs. The homelessness problem is only a matter of a few hard cases and it is good because that is when we can start thinking about solving the problem.

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