The Ultimate Way of Curation is Close to Be Reality?

by Raphael Audet on September 18, 2017 - 8:13am

On September 1st of 2017, the science journalist John Horgan wrote an article for the “Cross-Check” blog on the Scientific American's website. This article is titled “Has the Era of Gene Therapy Finally Arrived?” 

As the title of this article suggests, the subject discuss is the gene therapy. This therapy consists of modifying specific genes in order to destroy diseases that have the ability to take human lives. Indeed, genetic research that is made on this is very important for the population because as well as having the ambition to eliminate diseases such as cancer, they also have the objective to be able to “engineered “designer babies” who would grow up to be smarter than Nobel laureates and more athletic than Olympians” (Horgan, par. 5). The article also gives a historical summary of the genetic research for the purpose of this therapy.

This subject found his way on the news because recently, Kymriah became the first gene therapy to be approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This revolutionary therapy is used to cure “a form of childhood leukemia” and was “produced by Navartis” (Horgan, par. 3). This news makes the dream of having an ultimate way to cure deadly diseases more possible than ever.

However, even though this recent event is a historical step in medical and genetic research, it can be a source of debate and this is where the article by John Horgan gets all its importance. Indeed, the author bring up all the reasons why the genetic therapy is not ready to be practised as of today and in a near future. Subjects such as the health risks, the cost and the ethical issue that are related to gene therapy are well-discussed in the text.

To resume, the impact of genetic therapy is undeniable on the population's health in undeniable. Thus, everyone must be well-informed about every single aspect that it implies and the best way to achieve this is to read the article, “Has the Era of Gene Therapy Finally Arrived?” that can be found on the website of the magazine Scientific American


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