How to realize a short movie

by heloise_gp on March 31, 2017 - 12:42pm

There are many types of production, the one  I chose to concentrate is the short film. When people think of a movie, they immediately

imagines cameras and actors, but the process includes much more than just filming. I will highlight the main steps oh the production of a short film.

Step one: Create the core team
You will need a director, an assistant, an artistic director and a director of photography
Step two: Find the idea
-Usually, the director already has his idea, if he does not, the team will do a brainstorm. The director always has the final word on the
decisions because it's his project. The team is there to help him realize his idea.
-Write the scenario
-You need to clarify your idea and decide if possible. What do we need? Can we do it?
Step three: Find the right actors
We can not choose a comedian at random, a good actor need to:
 - Match the character
 - Have a minimum of skills
 - Learn quickly
Step four: The organization
Director artistic (DA): Find the location (Inside? Outside? In a studio?), Find the accessories and draw the plan of the set-up.
Director: Finish the text and give it to the actors and practice with them.
Assistant: Help the director, do all the planning, the schedule and the coordination.
Director of photography (DOP): Prepare the lightning plan and decide the camera shot with the director.
Step five: The shooting
It can last only one day or many weeks, depending on the kind of movie.
The core team has done the big job in pre-production and now they are only supervising the technical team
who will most of the job during the shooting. The director and the assistant need to keep a good focus on every little detail during the shooting.
Step Six: Post-production
Sound mixing
Special effects (If needed)
Color correct
Every step to be approved by the director.
To resume, if you want to realize a short movie you will have to;
-Create your core team
- Find the idea
- Find the right actors
- Organize your project (pre-production)
- Shoot your scene
- Send it to the post-production team
After all those steps, you have your final product.

About the author

Heloise Gauthier-Plante is a young girl born and raised in Montreal in a big family of four children. It's during her secondary school that she made her first short movie in her class of cinematogrphy.