Why do we obey the law?

by aerfa on October 30, 2015 - 8:16pm

According to the title of this summary, people follow the law because they believe it dominates a legit authority over inequity. The law is a key factor of the stabilized society, it possesses justice and equity. People obey laws for another reason, which is the fear of punishment after committing a crime. If we decide to disobey with a specific law, we can go on a protest to address the issues, beacuse protesting is a fundamental rights we have. The law can be categorized into four groups, which are consent, gratitude, fair play, and associaative obligation. when it comes to consent, we have to be consious enough to make a clear decision. law of gratitude refers to being grateful in life, therefore you can attract more and get more. Fairplay in law is a standard of fairness. Associative obligation refers to our duty to obey the law. Most of us obey the law at all times, however some people didn't agree on certain laws, such as underage drinking or doing drugs. From my opinion, we should follow the law without a doubt, because it benefits ourselves and the people around us, but i think there are should be circumstances when it is acceptable to disobey the law, for example, if one of your family members got an emergency to the hospital, the quickly you can get them to hospital the better, therefore you have to speed it up on the road or even passing the red lights, in this case i think the driver should not  get charged or captured, because he was saving his family's lives to drive over limit. 

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