Look Better, Hide Better

     In 2011, Edmonton hair salon “Fluid”, released an advertisement that they believed would attract costumers to their business parlour. The advertisement that intended to give a positive effect on their clientele was named one of the most controversial ad’s ever designed. While reading their slogan, “Look good in all you do”, we would not establish the use of any inappropriate content, however, opinions further shifted when the new image behind the words was released. 

What We Look At When We Look At Ads

Ads are tools that companies use to commercialize their products. However, behind the purpose of selling products, advertising has serious “gendered issues”.


Suit Supply, Unsuited for its Consumers

           Although the negative feedback towards Suit Supply’s photos did force the company to remove them on Facebook, the company still decided to keep them on their website (“Suit Supply’s ‘Shameless’ Campaign Causes Stir With Scantily-Clad Women.”).

           On the surface, this advertisement is simply trying to promote their new clothing line as 'chic', but as the public would agree, this advertisement is anything but innocent.

The serious Issue about "Sex Sells" and Why it's Time for a Change

        “Sex sells” is a common phrase we have all heard. Companies use it as a tactic to grab consumers attention and Gaspari Nutrition is not any different. The company specializes in science based sport nutrition supplements. They guarantee that this product will get men stronger, leaner and bigger. The founder, Rich Gaspari is himself a very strong, lean and big man, he’s won multiple titles including “Mr. America”. Ironically, this company does not come near to demonstrating recent american values which includes the equality and proper treatment of women.

Beautiful for you or for him?

In this Interview magazine picture a young well-known women named Kylie Jenner , is being held by a man;wearing provocative boudoir leather lingerie while the man holding her is all dress up , with a suit looking professional.

He is not a man to die for

Duncan Quinn is an American company which specializes in clothes and accessories for men. In 2008, they published this advertisement to promote a new collection of their suits. What the company only want us to see is a male model wearing one of the very expensive suits offered by them, while he poses next to a female model who’s laying down on the top of a car. However, the population can pick up disturbing themes out of this image, which could cause a dangerous impact on their lifestyles.

Domestic Violence Is Not Okay, No Matter What You See

Often times ad campaigns will promote on the aspect of a woman being subordinate to men, which is definitely not the case but regardless fashion companies almost always they emphasize this in  their ads. Companies specifically in the fashion industry are accustomed to believe that people will buy their product based on how it makes them feel. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it will make them feel powerful and important. As demonstrated in Miss Representation, ad campaigns contain violent and demeaning images.

"Its A Mans World"

For anyone that has not seen or heard of these ads by Suitsupply for men, it is the new “Toy Boy” ad campaigns for the spring\summer collection for suits of 2016. I think that if anyone would have to take a guess to what this ad is trying to sell they would definitely not understand that it is intended to promote suits for men. This ad is not just offensive but sexist because it is objectifying, devaluating, and discriminating women everywhere, by portraying feminine body parts in a defying manner.

Selling more the woman than the clothes


     American Apparel did it again. Being famous for their sexist ads, their marketing department

apparently does not know how to sell clothes without selling the models. The special of the

house is women objectification and very high beauty standards that a common woman will never

reach.  In the attempt to sell more clothes they use the women body to promote the brand. While

men are fully clothes the women are almost naked with their intimate parts exposed. Ads “inculcate

Think different