LGBTQ Youth Community Needs More Organizations to Prevent Discrimination


Many of the LGBTQ youth community face discrimination from their peers every day. Certain activities and that the community engages in can increase their empowerment and have a positive impact on their well-being.

Girls' Education

Equal education is something that is really important in today’s world. As well as being a basic human right, education is the key to health and economic improvement. It also provides everyone the ability to read, write and to better understand the world that surrounds them. Everybody should have access to the right of learning and of developing their abilities to the maximum. Unfortunately, the lack of equality in today’s world prevents certain people from going to school. Indeed, girls in many underdeveloped countries do not have access to a good education.

Raising our future...

For years our society has dictated gender roles.  Telling us what behaviors are acceptable for boys and girls.  Society tells us that girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue.  Boys should play football and girls should stand on the sidelines cheering them on.  Boys should play with trucks and cars while girls play with Barbie dolls.  Growing up girls are taught that the woman’s place is in the home, cooking and cleaning while it’s the man’s job to work.  Why is this?  This teaches our daughters that they aren’t as important as our sons.  We are raising our daughters to feel inferio

The Common Book That Became The Rare Book

So I ended up with a very small book, with the dimensions of around 3x5 inches and weighed approximately 1 pound, by Culpepper published in 1751 titled, “Complete and Experienced Midwife.” This book was probably used by lower-classed midwifes during the 18th century as a guide to child bearing and proper remedies for the diseases. At first glance of the book, the cover is made from leather and is probably the original cover, since the cover seems to used and scuffed with marks.

"Dating Age Ristrictions?"

Nowadays dating starts at a very young age, 13 or maybe 14 for some kids. For others dating is a sense of freedom to date who you want and find a compatible companion that you can have fun with and hang with. For me, dating didn't even come to my mind at that age, I was more focused on other things in life. My whole life, my paretns told me "no dating until your 18" and I had no issue with that. I didn't really start having crushes unitl I was 15 and even then I knew I would wait until I was 18 to start dating.

First Nations Count

The news article I found and have chosen to discuss is an opinion piece pertaining to the discrimination of indigenous people and their youths. The author of the piece discusses how ignorant thinking and false opinions on indigenous people lead to their ongoing struggle and discrimination and racism. The discussion she wishes to have on the matter is one that I see a lot of, which is certainly not surprising considering I am enrolled in a Race and Racism class.

Take a stand

Kids all across the world can make a change in bullying by standing up for them selves. Schools might have more affluence curbing incidents of bullying if students take anti bullying stance instead of administrators and teachers. As said in the article “That’s the new findings from a group of researchers from Princeton University, Rutgers University and Yale University whose study shows that when students are the ones to take a stand against bullying – as opposed to adults in the school – it's significantly more impactful. There’s so many was kids can make stands in school that will lower percent of student conflict. As said in article “Over the course of the 2012-2013 school year, 56 New Jersey middle schools that armed their most influential students with social media training and various bullying awareness gear, like bright-colored wrist bands, saw a 30 percent reduction in student conflict reports. Social media is big help to promote anti bullying. The hash tag iRespect was used on instagram. Overall every kid can make a change without help of elders and it can be more effective.