Paraguay makes no exceptions: The United Nations and Amnesty are outraged

Abortion has always been a highly controversial subject. All around the world, thoughts about the issue have been antithetic one from another, depending on which worldview is shared or not. Abortion in Paraguay for example, is illegal. However, are there any exceptions at accepting an abortion? If the pregnancy shows no considerable threat to the health of the carrier, is it ethical to refuse to perform an abortion, or should the mother have the choice?

Is this the Beginning of the End?


We already know that football is a very physical sport and that it is the cause of many injuries, but the growing subject is actually about the death of high school football players. That is what Kristina Marusic shares with us, reporting that from the beginning of September 2015 to October 5th not less than four of these athletes died from injuries suffered during a football game, one actually dying on the field.

Freedom of Expression


   On February 5th 2016, an article on Huffington Post Canada highlights the protest a group of boys from California’s Buchanan High School took part in. A recent dress code was enforced at this High School in regards to the boys banning long hair and earrings, and that only girls were to be able to wear dresses or skirts. Therefore, both female and male students of this high school tested this new policy switching gender norms. The students also began a petition with already 3,500 signatures. One student named Emma Sledd states that what they wear does not define them as students.

Reflections on Race Relations

The evolution of the Civil Rights movement today has taken a turn towards violence and upheaval of authority. The major difference between the early Civil Rights movement and today’s is the early movement had defined goals. During the Civil Rights Movement, much of the earlier attention was towards the right to vote; however, the movement today has shifted to distributing attention on many injustices surrounding racial tensions.

Child poverty in Canada

a.  Topic & Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue

The topic of this paper is on child poverty in Canada. This paper will be analytical. The aim of this essay is to identify the causes of child poverty, and question how the factors contributing to child poverty can be minimalized.

Child Labor in India

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The Impact of Technology on Teenagers' Behaviour

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a.      Topic and Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue

Outline: Student Depression


The topic of this paper is on depression amongst college students. Overall, the paper will mainly analyze the causes and effects of this issue in the United States and Canada, whilst comparing the causes of student depression that are unique to students’ in their respective countries. While also attempting to create solutions that could help solve these issues and make students’ time in college a much more pleasant experience.

How to save youth football players from their sport


An article published on the website of Forbes's magazine reveals a new study made by researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine showing that ex-NFL players who started to play football before 12 years old performed around 20% worse in a battery of tests (such as remembering words and making decisions) than those who started after the age of 12. Some say that the sample of 42 former athletes is too small to conclude that those who play football at a younger age are more at risk of cognitive impairment later in their life and even if Dr.

Melatonin Replaces Bedtime Stories


Melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep timing is being administered to children by their parents to help them fall asleep, explains Sam Cooper in his article published in The Province.