Stress Among College Students


Stress is everywhere. We often see it with people who work too much or have financial problems, but since a couple years students have emerged as the group who is suffering the most from stress. The report Lower Saint-Lawrence: the end of semester, source of stress of Réjean Desmeules from Radio Canada shows how students from here are affected by anxiety and depression.

''Now Open'' for What Exactly?

   This ad was made for the clothing brand called American Apparel. By looking at this image, we see a young lady lying on a bed wearing only a body suit. She has her legs open and it seems as if she is waiting for something. It looks like she is willing to give herself to the person she is staring at; the person that is seeing the magazine maybe? It seems as if this girl is in a vulnerable state and that she is being submissive to the person behind the camera.

Will I Blow Your Mind Away?

Before even browsing the internet and looking for a modern ad that represents female bodies in a negative way, I was hopeful that I was not going to find anything that was too extreme as we are currently in the 21st century. Type in “sexist ads” and they will pop up everywhere. I find it difficult to comprehend that sexist advertisement is still used in marketing! The ad that really got me upset was this Burger King ad. In the advertisement, you have a young attractive woman opening her mouth to eat a sandwich.

Would you prefer the hamburger or the woman?

The advertisement (1), produced by Hardee’s and Carl's Jr, in 2013, presents their cod fish sandwich.  The video takes place on an island, in order to promote their salt water fish sandwich.  However, the main problem with this video is the use of the female body to promote the hamburger. Throughout the advertisement, the audience sees a woman, in a bikini, eating her sandwich in different sexual positions promoting the female body.

An Organ for an Orgasm?

This advertisement is part of a campaign called “Reborn to be Alive” that urges people to become organ donors. The ad showcases a slim, attractive female in lingerie and uses clever wordplay to convince the men that the only way they can get “inside her” (which alludes to sexual intercourse) is through their organs. The ad is problematic in the fact that not only it objectifies women, but also in the fact that it associates this objectification with the act of organ donation. Overall, the nature of the ad has a negative effect on both men and women.

Still Want To Be A Mermaid ?

     In this advertisement, a young man in casual clothes is laying confidently on a sofa at home and staring with satisfaction and pride at a wall-sized aquarium where women in bikinis, portrayed as shameless gold diggers, are swimming around and trying to get his attention. The camera angle used in this commercial focuses on the brown leather shoes that the man wears and makes them appear extremely giant compared to other elements in the room.

Battle with Self-Confidence


                           American Apparel is a clothing company which is mostly popular amongst teenagers and younger adults. This American clothing company is also well known for appearing in the headlines quite a lot because of its use of sexualized advertising. These types of ads obviously generate a lot of attention and are actually considered trendsetting in the advertising world.

Damn Sophie, Are You Vegetarian Because You Seem to Have a Nice Sex Life.. Oh Wait Was That Crass?

Sophie Monk, a famous actress modeling for Peta is lying on a bed of hot chilies nude with a writing that says, “Spice up your life – Go Vegetarian”. The picture depicts her as a woman with bleached blond hair, red lipstick, red nail polish, red background and a wedding ring. With her ribs clearly showing and her perfect glossy skin, this ad presents an unrealistic expectation for women and the perspective they are viewed with, in our current society.

Distance Between Men and Women- A Diamond Ring?

Here is an advertisement for Natan diamonds. In this ad, a man is holding a diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend. When the diamond box stays closed, the young lady crosses her legs; that means she refuses him. After the man opens the box, she opens her legs to him. The main message of this ad is obvious: if someone buys a Natan diamond ring to ask in marriage to his girlfriend, then she will absolutely agree to marry him. Actually, there are a lot of sexist messages behind this picture. For most people, marriage is a significant step in lifetime, especially for women.

Bite into sex

            In this advertisement, they claim that eating Doritos will get you a woman who is out of your league. As the commercial begins, there is your stereotypical geeky guy sitting alone at a park bench reading a book while eating Doritos. He is wearing his stripped shirt, his sneakers and black framed glasses. What are the chances a guy like that could get a tall, skinny, beautiful woman? Stereotypically all he wants is sex. Suddenly, a half-naked attractive girl pops out of nowhere and jogs right by him without acknowledging his presence.