Kirpans on Planes: Source of Danger or False Alarm?


The kirpan, a ceremonial dagger carried by the Sikh at all times, has always been the subject of an ongoing dispute concerning the safety surrounding it. Recently, it has been made public that Kirpans would be allowed on planes, although with some restrictions; the ceremonial blade, when carried on planes, can only be at a length of six centimeters or less. In the article published by CBC, the support of Sikh organization towards the allowance of Kirpans on planes is highlighted.

The Ongoing Debate of the Removal of Kirpans


The debate around the Kirpan has been present in Québec for a few years and is still to this day discussed by opposite worldviews. The issue around the Kirpan, a religious symbol worn by Sikhs, comes from the debate whether the symbolic weapon should be accepted in schools or any other public place where security is mandatory. In his article for The Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson discusses the issue.


There Are No Scientific Authorities

The Order of the Hospitals is a rare book that was published in 1557 by the mayor and citizens of London. It is a relatively tiny book, roughly 12 centimeters by 7 centimeters and has an estimated weight of 80 grams. The majority of the book is written in the font known as Dutch Black Letter, and it smells like an old church. The cover is brown and bears an elegant gold diamond surrounded by four sword-like symbols that resemble the Fleurdelisé of the Quebec flag.

Am I My Aesthetic?

I’ll answer to the question as I understand it, “are you how you look on the surface?”

yes and not.

A Fading Culture


In a conference with BBC News, June 29 2017, Jocelyn Wabano-lahtail communicates her preoccupations about indigenous persons in Canada. Being myself originally from Peru, I can very much understand her struggles. In the past multiples indigenous groups were assimilated or even killed. In my country when Spanish people came, they killed a lot of men and raped the women that is why now Latinos are not very considered indigenous, because we are pretty much a mix now.

A Super Volleyball Player In Japan

Are you interested in volleyball? Many people have played it when they were students, so volleyball is a famous sport in the world. Do you know Saori Kimura? She is a famous volleyball player in Japan. She is cute and a super player, so she is very popular. The reason why I chose her as a cool Japanese is that she never gives up and smiles whenever she had a hard time. In addition, she is captain of the Japan national volleyball team. Do you want to know about her more? Then, I will introduce her character , success and playstyle.

The Respectable Commander in Japan

Is there anyone you respect or admire a lot? I think most people have at least one person they respect or admire. A respected person could help us to get the motivation to pursue our dreams. I have one person who I highly respect and I want to recommend him. It is “Isoroku Yamamoto” who is the respectable commander in Japan. His mind and the quotations always help me find some hints about my life. I’m going to write about his life, the reasons why I respect him and one wonderful quotation he left.


The Right to Die

In Western civilization, we, as a society, attach a high value to privacy and total control over our own bodies along with our lifestyles. Following this theme, we can determine, that any choices that directly affect our bodies should be decided by an individual for themselves, for example, any one person can choose to put whatever they like into or on their body.

Religion vs. Medicine

            Jehovah’s Witnesses is a sect that branches from Christianity, which has strict views regarding certain medical advances: they only accept hospital treatments that do not involve the use of blood. As a result, there have been many cases where doctors were conflicted when Jehovah’s Witnesses refused blood transfusions, with probable fatal consequences. This bears the ethical issue concerning the doctor’s response in this situation.

The Assassin is Himself a Victim

I read in a CBC news article titled,”In his own words: Imam Hassan Guillet's address at Quebec City funeral for 3 mosque victims.”  Posted: Feb 03, 2017