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Procrastination is a Disease

In the article When Procrastination is Persistent, Pervasive and Pointless written by Linda Sapadin and published in Psychcentral in 2017, it is explained how procrastination can be a burden for some people who overdo it. She explains that in a digital world, it is especially difficult not to give in to procrastination because of all the quick distractions that technology offers us. She adds that some people procrastinate by doing other chores but it might become a problem when it becomes pointless. It is a problem if your procrastination is never ending.

Les médias sociaux dans notre société


Les médias sociaux ont été en action depuis les années 1990, mais ils sont devenus de plus en plus populaires lorsque les sites comme Facebook et Twitter ont été créés. Ils servent à beaucoup de choses dans notre vie de tous les jours, et des milliers d’utilisateurs naviguent ces médias quotidiennement. La question qu’on se pose est : les médias sociaux ; sont-ils excessifs dans notre société?

When Russia becomes a Mediator


The world has seen since a few months a rising of the military tensions between the United States and North Korea. In fact, after a sixth successful nuclear test including one that caused a 6.3 earthquake on September 3rd, North Korea seems on its way to pursue his dream to possess the nuclear bomb. If we know that the US are not against the idea of a military action, China asked for a pacific dialogue between the two belligerents in a way to solve the conflict without creating a war.


Opt for “Made in Quebec” when it comes to Fashion.


It’s no longer a secret for who’s read Janna Zittrer Appleby’s article “City of Style: How home-grown fashion thrives in Montreal” appearing on The Globe and Mail a

An Analysis on Human Trafficking and Laws (Abstract)

This paper will study the roots of human trafficking with the fall of the Soviet Union and the establishment of Newly Independent States. Effective laws have been brought up by analyzing historical, sociological and political contexts. The study will explain that crime has become a huge transnational criminal organization because of economic disparities and the devaluation of women. Studies have shown that laws focusing on the punishment of offenders have been significantly useless at decreasing the crime rate.

A General in the Drug War


               After our topic of drug abuse, the opiate blocker suboxone and addiction I wanted to look more into the picture behind what is really going on in someone’s brain when these drugs are present.  Contrary to popular belief, addiction is not always a choice.  Someone does not wake up one day and decide that their body is now dependent on a drug that they might have had only one time.  In the article A General in the Drug War it explains the background music of what is happening within a person’s

Violent Media and its negative effects on adolescents

Media has become an integral part of a person’s everyday life. We depend on technology and media for most things, from entertainment to work. However, over the years, media has begun to have a negative impact of its users and viewers. More specifically, a rising issue that is affected people everywhere is exposure to violent media from a young age. Studies have shown how exposure to any sort of violent media, such as video games, movies and television shows, can have several negative impacts on the youth.

Trump’s good or bad idea about transgenders bathroom issue?


This article is about Trump’s administration who has a conservative worldview and who took off the guidelines for the protection of the transgenders students in public school about 2 months ago. They cannot go in the bathroom of the gender that they identify themselves with anymore. They need to go in the bathroom of their gender that they are born with. This is the actual opposite of what Obama’s administration put in place with a progressive worldview to protect transgenders.

The Virtue of Guilt in Modern Video Gaming

“The US military does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But this isn't real, so why should you care?”(Yager, 2012) This uncomfortable line presents itself during loading screens of the game Spec Ops: The Line as it progresses towards its inevitable conclusion. This discomforting message seeks to remind the player of one very important thing: You are not a passive observer, you are in control and you are responsible.

Is Ghost in the Shell Hollywood’s Latest Whitewashed Movie? The Lack of Opportunity and the Restrictive Representation of Asian Actors on Screen

“50% of all film, TV and digital services don’t have a named or speaking Asian character” (Waurenchen, “Race” 6). Although individuals of Asian descent constitute 5.6% of the population of the United States (Wikipedia contributors), they are exceedingly underrepresented in Hollywood’s predominantly white film industry, often restricted to portray a select few roles constructed upon racial stereotypes.