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Vote 2017: The Causes in LDP Victory

In Japan, the house of representatives’ snap election was held on Oct.22th, 2017. This snap election was held to ask the public about the authenticity of the current ruling coalition before the North Korean’s situation become bad (Yoshida.R, 2017). In this time, there are many parties participated this election, mainly the side of ruling party was the liberal democratic party and the opposition parties were the party of hope, Constitutional Democratic Party and the other five parties. All parties waved their banner of election manifestos, but the liberal democratic party victory.

Indigenous communities short-ended again


“ . . . Indigenous communities just don’t seem to be at the head of the line when it comes to dealing with environmental problems.” – Peter Tabuns (NDP Environment Critic)

Who Will Win the Game of Thrones?


There is a lot at stake in terms of power for Nova Scotia residents living in the Halifax community. Why, you may ask? A battle currently wages on three fronts – the first concerns the Canadian government, more specifically officials within the ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Northern Pulp, a manufacturing industry dedicated to processing bleached softwood into pulp, is the second player in this equation. The third and final participants in this confrontation are the people living and thriving in the Halifax community.

Blog post 2. Question 3

For the most part, I knew a lot about the historical events surrounding the Battle of Algiers, largely due to firstly my interest in the history of European colonialism (not just in Africa, but predominantly Asia) and secondly both my partner and former housemates are Algerian, and their grandparents are all veterans of the revolution, so they would at times tell me stories about their bravery and life under French rule. However, what I learned from the film is that the Algerian revolution was not an all-out war involving sieges and carpet bombings of whole cities, like in Syria.

Activity 4

How is the product associated with happiness?

The commercial includes smiling people with a good socioeconomic status, images of a ‘’good’’ life, and an uplifting song. It also shows two things that make people happy, most of the time: family and food. Coca-Cola tried to associate its products with things that usually make people happy to give the impression that everyone in the commercial is actually happy because of the bottles of coke they are all drinking.

What type of happiness is portrayed?

Pushing Consent without Consent: DFOs change of heart on Miramichi River salmon program

Historically, there has always been tension between governments and aboriginal communities. Often this is the result of neglect on the part of the former. In the case of both the implementation and cancellation of the CAST programs questionable attempt at stocking adult salmon into the tributaries of the Miramichi River, a staple for the provincial Mi’kmaq communities, this neglect is evident. In CBC’s article by Connell Smith, the abundant issues of this program are outlined.

Happiness Literacy


1. How is the product associated with happiness (product name, smiling people, images of a “good” life or success, uplifting song, etc.)?

iPhone 7 - The Archives

Happiness Literacy

iPhone 7 - The Archives


The Obvious Case of Plastic Pollution


One of the main global environmental issues arising out of the modern world is plastic. According to an article written by Matthew Taylor for The Guardian, called Plastic Pollution Risks 'Near Permanent Contamination of Natural Environment’, a recent study showed the total amount of plastic produced as of this year is equivalent in weight to one billion elephants, and it will last for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. This study, led by Roland Geyer, U.S.

Happiness Literacy



Here is the link to the commercial: