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Mental Health and Volunteering - The Outcome


I volunteered, with my mother for support, at the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal race, on April 22nd 2017, by handing out race packages and t-shirts to those participating in the race. I specifically put t-shirts in a bag with four safety pins while those in front of me handed the bags, or race packages, to the runners with their bibs. Runners have the chance to participate in the charity challenge after registering for the race and fundraiser for their chosen charity.

Is Ghost in the Shell Hollywood’s Latest Whitewashed Movie? The Lack of Opportunity and the Restrictive Representation of Asian Actors on Screen

“50% of all film, TV and digital services don’t have a named or speaking Asian character” (Waurenchen, “Race” 6). Although individuals of Asian descent constitute 5.6% of the population of the United States (Wikipedia contributors), they are exceedingly underrepresented in Hollywood’s predominantly white film industry, often restricted to portray a select few roles constructed upon racial stereotypes.

The Power of Social Media Influence: Morality in Youtube Sponsorships

The Power of Social Media Influence: Morality in Youtube Sponsorships


Ethnic Minorities in Today’s Entertainment Media

       How many movies have you seen with a main character that is neither an attractive white woman or a white male? Not many right? That’s what I thought. These movies, old or new will always stun you with a hot blond muscular man driving his Mercedes to pick up his gorgeous brunette, both coming back from saving the world form evil, which let’s be real most often consist of a an ethnic minority antagonist.

The Indian on the Edge of Civilization

           The Dakota Access pipeline protests by the Standing Rock Sioux people and other Aboriginal tribes is an attempt to protect sacred land and avoid water contamination of the Mississippi river. Through the media coverage of the affair, the moral dilemma arises of the representation of Aboriginals. While the time taken by leading news reporters to publish stories on the events is unjust, the overall representation brings to attention the detrimental stereotypical ways Aboriginals are conveyed in the news media.

League of Misogyny, by Riot Games

Online videogames are becoming more and more popular, it is estimated that about 500 million people worldwide play videogames for at least one hour each day. (Blake, M.) With this increasing popularity, videogames are becoming a regular part of people’s lives. Since this is the case, the fact that videogames are affecting people is undoubtedly true. The issue at hand is that some videogames are having negative consequences on individuals. The most popular videogame in the world is called League of Legends.

The pro-pot problem: the issue of positive representations of Cannabis in Media

 In episode 285 of the Simpsons, “Weekend at Burnsie’s”, Homer Simpson is introduced to medicinal marijuana, which helps induce a state of calm and euphoria for him, but also results in him cutting his face shaving, forgetting that he owns a kitchen, and accidentally signing a petition criminalizing his newfound medicine.

Political Attack Ads: Conducive to Free Democracy or to Voter Apathy?

Advertising in political campaigns holds an essential role in democratic elections founded on these principles of public communication. In today’s digital era where broadcasting outlets permeate society, political ads have grown into an ever-more powerful tool with an unprecedented capacity to shape, or tamper with, public opinion. To that effect, it seems as though politicians are willing to go to increasingly greater lengths to get ahead in this race of reputation and image.

Selection Bias in Mainstream Media

Selection Bias in The Main Stream Media

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Did Balloon Boy's reporters float to False Conclusions?

In October of 2009, Colorado father Richard Heene released a prototype for air travel accidentally after forgetting to tether it to a secure frame. One of Heene’s three sons told him that his youngest son, Falcon Heene, had crawled into the base before it had lifted off, and panic ensued. After travelling roughly 60 miles, the balloon landed two hours after it was released, and to the surprise of the parents, news reporters, and greater public watching the event, Falcon was nowhere to be seen.