The “majorities” in a society such as the French in Quebec or the Hindi’s in India; try to impose their culture to the “minorities”. For example if you look at Quebec the last couple of years, they are trying to decrease the English language and promote the French language; this is cause a lot of conflict in the society. Now if you look at India, the Hindi’s are trying to slow down the growth of the Muslim religion. The “majorities” of each society are trying to prevent the growth of the “minorities” to preserve the culture.

Socialization of Sport

This post looks at the sense of community built by sport. Sport is an institution that provides many people around the world with strong relationships. The research study examined provides insights into the sport community.

Drunken Hook-Up Nation

In their article, Lisa Menegatos, Linda C. Lederman & Aaron Hess (2010) explore how friendship bonds affect how you act in a situation with friends and alcohol. This experiment studies, through survey, what 141 undergraduate college students would do when an intoxicated female friend was asked to go home with a male that she has never met before. In this study students used iClickers to click in the response to the following question during a power point presentation in one of their classes:       

Hooking or Not? That is the Question.

It has been seen in the college students that it is normal to take part in hooking up behavior and having a one night stand. In research of college students it was found that society there are specific groups more likely to hook up than others; also depending on their family and cultural backgrounds is an influence of whether or not they hook up. It is a way of life for some college students, as hooking up can be a positive or negative experience for each individual, but this does not mean every student feels this way and partakes in this type of behavior.

Poppin’ Addys

Adderall is a drug that legally requires a prescription, however, many college students are able to get their hands of the ADHD stimulant and justify their use of the drug.

Baseball Salary Caps

As anyone who knows anything about baseball knows, in baseball there is no salary cap. This means that teams can buy players based of the wealth of the organization. The issue I am going to disscuse is weather or not a salary cap should be instated in the coming years. For the past few decades there have always been certain teams that have dominated the sport of baseball because of their money. Each organization is allowed to use any and all money obtained through profits or other means. The yankees have an annual revenue of around 600 million dollars.

The Scandal of "Student-Athlete" Slave Labor

“The Shame Of The NCAA” is about the NCAA generating revenue through the use of student athletes without paying them. The article tells the struggle of athletes who work relentlessly, and often could use even the smallest share of the millions of revenue they generate, but they never are granted anything because they are considered amateurs.

You run for fun?

The social world of long distance running is misunderstood by those who are not involved in it. The organization of social world provides a basis to understand how social identity and social world correspond.Once you understand the structure you can start to understand the culture of long distance running.