The Ukraine Crisis Timeline

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Biology of Cyanobacteria and Public Health Consequences

In order to implement management practices on cyanobacteria and their explosive production for the human benefit, one must understand their properties, behavior in natural ecosystems and the environmental conditions which support their growth. Much of this blog will provide how cyanobacteria are structured and their abilities which they possess that support their proliferation in aquatic systems as well as public health consequences.

A Golden Age of Piracy

            In the world of business ethics, the topic of intellectual property has become a true hot-button issue. In an economy where ideas are of increasing value over tangible resources, the theft of these ideas is now a punishable offence. As widespread as the discussion of this issue is today, the concept of intellectual property theft first came to public attention in the music industry, where it arises in two ways: an artist stealing content from another artist (the “sampling” debate) and a listener stealing from an artist through illegal downloading of content.

Let's go camping!


Article: “Why aren’t Canadians camping anymore?” by Adam Bisby, published on February 9, 2015 on The Globe and Mail.



In my family, like many others, camping serves as a calming release from the fast-pace mentality of urban society. 

Concept of resilience

According to the American Psychological Association, resilience corresponds to a 
"successful adaptation process against adversity, injuries, threats and even significant stress,"

In psychology, the concept of resilience is introduced in France by Boris Cyrulnik.
For him, this right has its roots in childhood, and in the relationship that parents have with their children.

Life Goals in Greek Life

In the research article, Life Goals Among Greek College Students, they did a study on Greek students and how they would rank their life goals out of nineteen different categories raked from one to five. The study was conducted at Bucknell University; Ninety-six students were used from different sororities and fraternities. The question that Abowitz and Knox were trying to answer was ‘Do fraternity and sorority members rank a life in public service or political office over the general idea that fraternities and sororities create more of a personal and emotional goal.’ It was found that indeed fraternity and sorority members think about personal and emotional goals over a life in public service or political office.

Should baseball players wear helmets?

<p>I'd like to talk about one of the major controversial topics in baseball. My topic is: «Should baseball pitchers wear helmets?» Personally, I think that pitchers wearing is the right idea, but then again I don't think I would. It's hard to give a clear reason why, but I mean I've been pitching without a helmet for over 13 years, and it would feel extremely weird to suddenly change that habit. I'm prettty sure I'd feel very uncomfortable pitching that way.

CD-Loving Japan Resists Move to Online Music

This article I read is written about online music.
In the world, getting the music by the downloading becomes mainstream, but, in Japan, getting the CD is mainstream. Japan competes against a global music industry by the continuous attachment for the CD keenly. Also, Japan lays emphasis on selling a CD in particular.
I like this article. It is harmful to the Japanese music company to get music by downloading, and they are going to strongly sell a CD to us. However, the Japanese who are going to download music from the Internet and application are saw well. By the way, I usually download from the application if I can’t buy CDs I really want.

Women now comprise 52% of gamers

      When gaming is mentionned, one of the first things that come into people's mind is "boys" or "guys". That should no longer be the case though, because a a study revealed that 52% of gamers are now women. The trope of video games being for guys is outdated, since the majority of the gamers now consists of girls. This new wave of female gamers came with the appearance of games on smart phones, as it made playing casual games much more accessible.



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