Selling more the woman than the clothes


     American Apparel did it again. Being famous for their sexist ads, their marketing department

apparently does not know how to sell clothes without selling the models. The special of the

house is women objectification and very high beauty standards that a common woman will never

reach.  In the attempt to sell more clothes they use the women body to promote the brand. While

men are fully clothes the women are almost naked with their intimate parts exposed. Ads “inculcate

Is Corporate Cannabis a Bad Idea?


            In Alan Young's article The goal of legalized cannabis shouldn’t be corporate gold”, published in The Globe and Mail, July 15th 2016, we are offered an insightful perspective on the longstanding question of Cannabis legalization, or rather, how would be best to treat marijuana in a post-legalization Canada. The author begins the article by writing about his own personal experience in the quest to legalize cannabis.

Violent Behaviour

         Violent behaviour

The NHL and Rape Culture

In recent years, domestic and sexual abuse has become more evident in the NHL. The most notable stories to have surfaced are those about Semyon Varlamov and Slava Voynov. Both of these men were accused of abusing their partner, and Varlamov was ultimately let off the hook without a single repercussion.

Is this the Beginning of the End?


We already know that football is a very physical sport and that it is the cause of many injuries, but the growing subject is actually about the death of high school football players. That is what Kristina Marusic shares with us, reporting that from the beginning of September 2015 to October 5th not less than four of these athletes died from injuries suffered during a football game, one actually dying on the field.

How to save youth football players from their sport


An article published on the website of Forbes's magazine reveals a new study made by researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine showing that ex-NFL players who started to play football before 12 years old performed around 20% worse in a battery of tests (such as remembering words and making decisions) than those who started after the age of 12. Some say that the sample of 42 former athletes is too small to conclude that those who play football at a younger age are more at risk of cognitive impairment later in their life and even if Dr.

Match Point for ATP


An investigation reported that sixteen tennis players, some ranked in the top 50 and even some Grand Slam winners, have been suspected of match-fixing. Indeed, Simon Cox’s article Tennis Match-Fixing: Evidence of Suspected Match-Fixing revealed, published on January 18th 2016, cites the analysis led by both the BBC and the website Buzzfeed regarding match-fixing in tennis. Those sixteen suspected players were met by the Tennis Investigation Unit (TIU) officials.

Vandalized Perception

Warming rivers ward off fishers


An interesting point of view to the detrimental impacts of climate change is presented in Brett French’s article in the Billings Gazette. He demonstrates how warming temperatures, low precipitation, and reduced spring melts are wreaking havoc on the Yellowstone cutthroat trout. This species is adapted to cold streams, but as the water warms it’s being outcompeted by more common species like smallmouth bass, as well as rainbow and brown trout, migrating upstream from warmer bodies of water.