Wonderful Island to Visit

Japanese people always say about a place that has a beautiful beach, delicious foods, fresh fruits and warm temperature when summer vacation comes. I was curious about that, because I really like kind of that place and I tried to ask Japanese people about that place, “The place is Okinawa” they said. I was searching the information about Okinawa immediately and then I saw many good views and delicious foods. The most important thing is Okinawa has warm temperature, so I was excited to go to Okinawa as soon as possible. This time, I will explain about Okinawa.


Shoot To Kill

     In nearly every household, there tends to be at least one video game console with many video games. These video games span from sports games to violent shooting games. Grand Theft Auto V is a video game that has received a lot of scrutiny for the amount of violence portrayed throughout the game. In GTA V, players are immersed into this virtual world where killings and robbery is often encouraged. It is not only this video game that has been criticized but many others as well.

Senior Care: How Volunteering at the Boucherville Library Can Help

On March 27th, 2017, CBC News reported through “Privatization of Seniors’ Care Leading to Poorer Quality Service, Think Tank says” that the access to publicly funded senior care in British Columbia, such as homes and community care, is declining over time. Indeed, between 2001 and 2016, home support access experienced a decrease of 30%, whereas residential care with assistance access experienced a decrease of 20%. On the other hand, profit facilities are experiencing a growing demand of 42% from 2011 to 2016 as well.


Fake Journalism Taking Over Great Journalism


The 2016 electoral campaign created a whole lot of emotion for Americans, as well as for the rest of the world, who was constantly wondering who between Trump and Clinton would win the hearts of the population of one of the world’s most powerful nations.

Vacation to Conservation Station: Canada's National Parks Free Admission

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Is Parks Canada more concerned about conservation or cash?


There are over 40 national parks in Canada and their fate and management is in the hands of a federal agency. A new report put out by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness society (CPAWS), a charity dedicated to protecting Canadian Wilderness, suggests that recent management has been failing to put the health of the ecosystems above the tourism aspects of the parks. This report is discussed in the article “Watchdog group critical of Parks Canada management” by Gloria Galloway, for the Globe and Mail.

Mapping Nutrients for Forest Sustainability

In an ever growing consumerist market, environmentalists continue to scramble towards a glimmering notion that can assist in saving our planet: sustainability. Canada is one of the leading producers of timber in the world, but in an economy that is always demanding more production, it can be difficult to draw the line before we take too much.

The Common Book That Became The Rare Book

So I ended up with a very small book, with the dimensions of around 3x5 inches and weighed approximately 1 pound, by Culpepper published in 1751 titled, “Complete and Experienced Midwife.” This book was probably used by lower-classed midwifes during the 18th century as a guide to child bearing and proper remedies for the diseases. At first glance of the book, the cover is made from leather and is probably the original cover, since the cover seems to used and scuffed with marks.