Thompson River Steelhead Population Hanging by a Thread in British Columbia Waters


             The article “’Extremely close to being gone forever’: B.C. fisheries manager says feds failing Interior steelhead” discusses the decline in Thompson River steelhead salmon populations in British Columbia waters (Kelly, 2017). British Columbia’s fisheries manager worries the iconic fish may be on the brink of extinction in this region and conservationists believe the prized fish may soon be gone forever if nothing changes. It is estimated that only 240 steelhead salmon will return to the Fraser River and eventually into the Thompson watershed this year, which is a record low.

Happiness Literacy


1. How is the product associated with happiness (product name, smiling people, images of a “good” life or success, uplifting song, etc.)?

Ways to help fight sexism in the gaming industry



An important issue in the gaming industry these days is the sexism that women constantly experience; be it in the professional or amateur realm. Emily Sun, an esports (electronic sport) event organizer and co-founder of Smash Sisters, an advocacy group that supports girls and women playing competitive Super Smash Brothers, asked to her audience if any of them ever heard” Hey, you’re pretty good for a girl”. Almost everyone raised their hand. Sun says that it is a hard phrase to hear and respond to.

Video games, Addiction and Aggression


Video games, Addiction and Aggression

Am I My Aesthetic?

I’ll answer to the question as I understand it, “are you how you look on the surface?”

yes and not.

Are You Your Aesthetic?

My first thought when it comes to aesthetic is the assorted memes relating to this song: and the vapourwave musical movement. Aesthetic in the sense of these memes and the vapourwave music genre means chill, and smooth, while pleasing to the ears and eyes. I feel that these characteristics encompass the true meaning of aesthetic, which describes the beauty and taste of a person or thing.

Our Culture of Convenience and its effect on the Health of Kids


In our modern times, society has strived to develop more and more technology designed to simplify our lives. In Canada, a highly visible negative consequence of this pursuit of convenience is the drastic reduction in the amount of physical activity in which citizen take part in, especially in the kids of the newest generation. This includes all manners of their lives, whether that be in gym class, on the playground, while travelling to and from school; physical activity in general has been replaced by a more efficient or more attractive medium.

“The Spectacular Prefecture”

Japan has 47 prefectures and these prefectures have different attractions to visit. Above all, I recommend visiting Kumamoto prefecture now, because the big earth quake have hit there and they received a lot of damages. Now, there, many people are changing the style of their cities and fixing their buildings, so we can see the new styles and feel their passions. Therefore, I will write about the introductions about Kumamoto city.

The Fascinating Island in Japan

Japan has a lot of fascinating places, so recently, the number of foreigners coming to Japan for sightseeing is increasing. I also have places I want to visit in Japan. Especially, now I want to visit Hokkaido because it is famous for its vast land, foods, natures, and so on. I want you to know attractiveness of Hokkaido. Let me introduce “seafoods”, “sightseeing locations”, “animals” in Hokkaido.

Attractive Island

Do you have a place which you calm down your mind? I think that the place I would like to visit is the place I can calm down, so I chose one prefecture. I will introduce you about the prefecture which I would like to visit and I have never been to there. It is difficult for me to choose one prefecture, because I want to visit many place, but I chose one. It is Hokkaido. I tell you why I want to visit there and what I want to do there.