Nothing can be perfect and we all know that, even nowadays, there are still tones of things to improve. I’m talking in worldwide way. Democratic systems aren’t well established everywhere on the planet, as well as genders equality, gay marriages, religions tolerance and health caring systems. The weird thing is that, apparently, pirates, back in the 16th century were really familiar to those things. Believe it or not!



I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one asking myself “Do I make a difference in this world?” and “How do I make a difference?” Sometimes I tell myself that we all make a difference in our own way. The thing is, sometimes it cant be a great change, but obviously, sometimes changes can be bad… But now let’s talk about the great changes. Making a difference can be as easy as helping an old man carrying is grocery bags, giving someone the best advices you have or doing volunteering.




What is your volunteer work?

Writing a short guide in 3 small sections on empowerment   / confidence. It will be given to health and wellness club for their own use in the realization of their goal. It will also be published online for stumbling or for my usual readers.  

What is your multimedia part of the post?

It will be a PDF that include pictures, links to videos and websites. Published online and on paper.  


What news is your work and multimedia related to? (Title, author, source, date of publication)



My Volounteer work will be to create a document with  tips, ideas and tricks to live your own way without relying on other instances  to make you choices.  It has a broader perspective than what I have been writing on recently and it is because I wish to zoom out of a focused problematic and instead of asking questions, give possible answers. It will go beyond the political scope. 

It will include:

-How to defend yourself from fallacies and analyze incoming ideas. (For developing judgment beyond politics and laws).

Most ethical company in Canada? I think so!

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Burger King’s Free pigs & chicken cages.


        Fast food domain is the largest domain of restoration in the world. Everyone eat at fast food, especially at McDonald’s and Burger King. But those are ethical business? The world second largest fast food in the world which is Burger King did an ethical movement. For sure, they did it. Burger King decided to only uses cage-free chicken and pigs for eggs and meet. In that way, BK is the only fast food restaurants who did an ethical decision… and apply it. Whatever, it is a simple decision!

Good deed for a good deal


Bell's ''Let's Talk'' campaign for mental health has been very successful. For every message, tweet or Facebook posts that mentioned the program, Bell donated $0.05. This year's iniative raised 4.8 million dollars for the cause.

Steve Ladurantaye and Susan Krashinsky uncover the true reason behind Bell's campaign in the February 13th Globe and Mail.

What is ethical business ?

For me ethical business are all the ethics rules that need to be apply by the owner of the company. These rules were made to define what is good and what is not. Ethics is something really large. For some , ethics will be related to green actions . To others, it's about respecting the other companies.  For a business , it's a way to mix money and ethics. They should establish a code of ethics based on the value of the company. One part will be for the individual and another for the entire organization.

Renewable Technologies and Great Salaries : The Way to Be Ethical

    An ethical business means a green and ecologic way to produce or sell. Morever, the ethical business must encourage the local market and be a good employer… On the contrary, the company will be a monster who just wants to make more money than the others, whatever needs to be done. Also, an ethical business needs to use renewable energy and use new technology to be perform better and maintain a good image. So, if the company has a good image and if it cares about the climate change, the public will prefer to use or buy its services.