You Are Enough - What the Media Doesn't Understand

Over the past few decades, the media industry has grown and become more influential than it has ever been in the past. Society has developed a tendency to fall into the trap that is this overly capable industry and has therefore, encouraged a false perception of society as we know it.  In the advertisement presented above, produced by Warner’s Slimwear Lingerie, puts on display a pear that can be described as “curvy” or “rounder”.

Damn Sophie, Are You Vegetarian Because You Seem to Have a Nice Sex Life.. Oh Wait Was That Crass?

Sophie Monk, a famous actress modeling for Peta is lying on a bed of hot chilies nude with a writing that says, “Spice up your life – Go Vegetarian”. The picture depicts her as a woman with bleached blond hair, red lipstick, red nail polish, red background and a wedding ring. With her ribs clearly showing and her perfect glossy skin, this ad presents an unrealistic expectation for women and the perspective they are viewed with, in our current society.

Tom Ford's Women For Men

The industry of advertisements today is surely questionable: women in ads in particular. This is the commercial for Tom Ford's For Men fragrance back in 2007. Take a look: 

Antiperspirant or Antifeminism?

This advertisement by the British male grooming product company, Lynx, also known as Axe in the Americas, shows a semi-nude woman in a provocative, sensual position. Her purple undergarments, long, shiny, and spread legs that take up a significant portion of the ad, as well as her bent body are all very sexual.


The woman in the advertisement is wearing dark makeup and red lipstick, which is typically attractive to the target audience, men between 18 and 30. She is in a retro kitchen, possibly from the 1950s, taking a turkey out of the oven. 


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


GEOG*3210 Blog Assignment #4


Subban just keeps on scoring!


A myriad of athletes worldwide are continuously working towards this one goal that is to make it to the big times. However, only a limited amount of these competitors are privileged enough to achieve that objective. Amongst those athletes, some become exemplary role models, making selfless gestures and consequently providing hope for those less fortunate. Hockey player, Pk Subban is indubitably one of those athletes as he continuously performs acts of kindness and reverence on the ice, as well as, in everyday life.

A boost from one of the city's favourite Habs


In our day and age, one regularly hears heart-warming stories concerning influential figures performing philanthropic acts. These acts sometimes follow natural catastrophes or tragedies. These celebrity-types are in fact in a position to provide aid to those less privileged whether it be financially or otherwise. In fact, Pk Subban is an appropriate representation of this benevolent and giving character.

Being A Philanthropist

To be a philanthropist, means to give some of your money to people who are less fortunate than you during their life time, people who have been less lucky during their up-bringing. Coming from someone who grew up in a very poor country, I would have loved to have any international aid to make my life and the ones of my family easier.


Do we know all our ancestors ?

Two years ago, cavers discovered a chamber with many bones that are at least 1 million years old. They could probably lead us to new specie of the Homo.

After an expedition in South Africa, a team of scientists discovered more than 1550 fossils from individuals that lived 1.78 million to 1.95 million years ago. Lee R.Berger and his team of 60 scientists announced that this was the discovery of new hominim specie. They want to name it the Homo Naledi, “Naledi” means “star” in the local Lesotho language where the bones were discovered.