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Happiness literacy

Activity 4 – Happiness Literacy

Legalization of Marijuana


This article outlines the health risks and dangers associated with the use of marijuana. The experts say that chronic smokers under the ages of 25 are the demographic that are most at risk of being impacted negatively by the health hazards posed by marijuana.  Experts stress the importance of keeping the public informed about the dangers of smoking marijuana as the potential legalization is in the immediate future.  Some of the main issues with legalizing marijuana are said to be that pot efficiency with regards to treating chronic pain are lacking.

Temperature vs. sleep


Carla Schaffer wrote an article in which she talks about disturbed sleep: Climbing Temperatures Are Keeping People Awake at Night. According to the research published in the 26 May issue of Science Advances, our sleep may be disturbed when the night temperatures are unusually high.

Video games, Addiction and Aggression


Video games, Addiction and Aggression

Social Inequalities in Aboriginal Communities


An article was published on CBC News on October 24th, 2017. The publication resumes the new initiative taken by the government of Alberta to teach the history and culture of First Nations, Métis and Inuit, and the legacy of residential schools. The measures are taken in order to adopt some of the recommendations made my the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Academic Stress and Mental Health: How are they related?

The article “The Silicon Valley Suicides”, written by Hanna Rosin and posted December 2015 on The Atlantic, investigates the high rate of suicide among teenagers in the city of Palo Alto in particular. The investigation started after a suicide cluster, that is numerous death occurred in close succession and proximity, followed the suicide of Cameron Lee.

Want to Help Raise Awareness for Mental Health?

A lot of stigma is attached to the term “mental health”, somehow when it comes to mental illness, society loses all empathy towards sufferers. However, mental health is as important as physical health and we must stop stigmatizing this disease and stop diminishing the people affected by it.

An Anti-Age Solution


Everything that lived will always died, this concept of life has always been deeply anchored in our mind. Without questioning what is the purpose of our life, we lived knowing that we will be burry 6 feet under ground, one day. But if I told you this common knowledge may not exist in the future.

If We Can Edit Genes from Butterflies, Can We Do the Same With Humans?


The article that I read from News Activist talks about how scientists have been able to change the painting genes from butterflies using the technology of CRISPR. With this, scientists might be able to change the specific patterns in the brain by turning on and off human genes. This is a big revolution in the world of genetics that must be known!

The Effects of Climate Change on our Health

Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi, Samuel Leger and Wallace Lou