Mental Health

If We Can Edit Genes from Butterflies, Can We Do the Same With Humans?


The article that I read from News Activist talks about how scientists have been able to change the painting genes from butterflies using the technology of CRISPR. With this, scientists might be able to change the specific patterns in the brain by turning on and off human genes. This is a big revolution in the world of genetics that must be known!

The Effects of Climate Change on our Health

Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi, Samuel Leger and Wallace Lou

Japan: Dangerous Suicide Rate


In an article published on BBC by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes on July 3rd, 2015, alarming numbers about suicide are listed. In fact, over 2014, more than 25 000 people committed suicide. This means a rate of 70 every day. "Isolation is the number one precursor for depression and suicide," says Wataru Nishida, a psychologist at Tokyo's Temple University. Seeking help for people who need it can be troublesome.

Homelessness and the psychology behind it.

Homelessness and the psychology behind it.

Mathew Dupere


360-F1A-LA, section 01831

Gabriel Flacks

Final essay


Mental Health and Volunteering - The Outcome


I volunteered, with my mother for support, at the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal race, on April 22nd 2017, by handing out race packages and t-shirts to those participating in the race. I specifically put t-shirts in a bag with four safety pins while those in front of me handed the bags, or race packages, to the runners with their bibs. Runners have the chance to participate in the charity challenge after registering for the race and fundraiser for their chosen charity.

A General in the Drug War


               After our topic of drug abuse, the opiate blocker suboxone and addiction I wanted to look more into the picture behind what is really going on in someone’s brain when these drugs are present.  Contrary to popular belief, addiction is not always a choice.  Someone does not wake up one day and decide that their body is now dependent on a drug that they might have had only one time.  In the article A General in the Drug War it explains the background music of what is happening within a person’s

Violent Media and its negative effects on adolescents

Media has become an integral part of a person’s everyday life. We depend on technology and media for most things, from entertainment to work. However, over the years, media has begun to have a negative impact of its users and viewers. More specifically, a rising issue that is affected people everywhere is exposure to violent media from a young age. Studies have shown how exposure to any sort of violent media, such as video games, movies and television shows, can have several negative impacts on the youth.

Raising Awareness to stop Stigma Against Mental Health Issues

Throughout the whole semester my focus of my work has been surrounding the different aspects of mental health. In order to find new and creative ways to show the truth of mental health issues, I have found 2 sources of current events that have occurred within the last month. In addition, I have decided to challenge myself in creating a blog that discusses the issue of mental illnesses, featured on the site are; TedTalks, places to visit within Canada for help, photography, and much more. I created this blog to illustrate the stigma against mental health problems.

People of European and African Descent Share Similar Genetic Predisposition Towards Schizohrenia

Schizophrenia can be a tricky illness to define; not all symptoms are common from individual to individual, and even symptoms like hallucinations and delusions are not universal symptoms. The one correlation that can be found is the presence of Thought Disorder: the loss of logical thought processes that either allow the affected individual to make sense of their own thoughts, or keep their thoughts in a logical pattern and reason away ideas we could easily deem absurd.

Gut Health & Mental Health


If I had to pick a theme for my life over the past year, it would be learning to listen to my gut. The article “Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut” ( has helped me understand that what we refer to as the gut is more than just a vague sensation of feeling. It is made up of microbes that play a role in both physical and mental health.