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Tom Ford, Sexist Advertisement

In the ad by Tom Ford (a clothing company), a naked woman appears to be ironing a man clothes, while he stands besides her, reading a newspaper. The picture does not contain any other element, using a white background, therefore making the viewer focus his attention to the two characters.

Paraguay makes no exceptions: The United Nations and Amnesty are outraged

Abortion has always been a highly controversial subject. All around the world, thoughts about the issue have been antithetic one from another, depending on which worldview is shared or not. Abortion in Paraguay for example, is illegal. However, are there any exceptions at accepting an abortion? If the pregnancy shows no considerable threat to the health of the carrier, is it ethical to refuse to perform an abortion, or should the mother have the choice?

A Warm Welcome and a Not So Warm Welcome for Syrian Refugees

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a long going humanitarian problem in which many countries around the world are offering their aid to help the numerous Syrians fleeing their country. This crisis has emerged back in 2011, when a civil war has begun between the Syrian rebel forces and Assad’s government forces. With the emergence of the terrorist group ISIS, it has only accentuated the departure of many Syrian refugees (“Syria: The story of the conflict.”).

The tragic fate of child migrants in Europe


The Syrian Civil War, which is going on in Syria since 2011 and which opposes the Baathist government of Bashar al-Assad (officially ruling the Syrian Arab Republic since 2000) and various Syrian opposition groups and Islamic militant organizations present in the region such as the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Kurdish military forces, has caused the exodus of approximately six million people. These migrants have left Syria to find better conditions for a living in the context of the Syrian Civil War and mostly went to find haven in countries like Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan.

Dirty Water for First Nations


In the article, “Bad water: 'Third World' conditions on First Nations in Canada” by Joanne Levasseur and Jacques Marcoux written on October 14th 2015, the topic that is brought up has been an issue ever since aboriginals have lost their land which is now owned by Canada. The article describes that there are many problems with the water resources in the reserves all around the country which seems to be ignored by the government.

State of the Union

The United States of America is an amazing nation that continues to lead the world through the complex geopolitical problems that we are faced with today. As a strong economic and political world leader, we have become the role model for developing nations attempting to give their people the same freedoms and opportunities that Americans have become so accustomed to. This is why it is so important to work harder than we ever have before to better ourselves as a nation, because what we change will set a precedent of improvement around the world and inspire change.

Seiji Ozawa


Response to and Thoughts around the TPP and Global Free Trade

In general, I believe that Neo-liberalism is a net negative for the world as a whole. It causes massive fluctuations in the world’s economy, increases poverty in developing nations by helping to foster competition and monopolies, and is, for the moment, really only working for the benefit of the United States, and even then only for the benefit of a small few. Menial workers still have to worry about production being outsourced overseas for cheaper pay, while those overseas have to worry about degradation of their lives and values and not being able to feed their families.

Escaping North Korea by Boat ?

Are people trying to escape North Korea? In the past couple of months there have been wooden boats popping up on Japanese shores with dead bodies. All the bodies have been decomposed. These boats are thought to be fishing boats from North Korea. Many letters have been found on the boat having “Korean Peoples Army” written on it. Is this the only way out for North Koreans? Taking a boat? The fishermen from North Korea are a selective few who do not have to work in the labor camps and can actually leave the mainland.