Human Services

Volunteer Bureau of Montreal

If you are interested to do some volunteering or if you know someone who would like to, I recomment you the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal. They are located in Montreal and their adress is 2015 Drummond Street, suite 300 (in downtown Montreal), corner of Maisonneuve, Peel metro station, Peel or Stanley exit. The main goal of the VBM (Volunteer Bureau of Montreal) is to promote volunteerism in the community by helping and working in several ways. This organization is very accessible and does not commit you to anything. the volunteer decides how much time he or she will give.

Volunteer Opportunity for Defend Dignity

Defend Dignity is a good volunteering opportunity for those people that want to work for the equality of genders and the freedom of sex. The core values of Defend Dignity are dignity and freedom of sex, the goal of this organization is to abolish sexual exploitation within Canada. Be it the sexual exploitation of men, women or children. Right now the major project undertaken by Defend Dignity, is raising awareness to the fact that children are easily exposed to pornographic and violent sexual materials on the net.

Meals on Wheels

If you, the readers, are interested in making some fun volunteer work, near your house, and you have an interest in helping the poor,  the Centre d'Action Bénévole of Saint-Bruno (CABST-BRUNO), Les P'tits Bonheurs is currently looking for individuals. This organization, located in Saint-Bruno, is currently launching a service of Meals on Wheels for its clients. They are looking for drivers and delivery man to deliver the meals in Saint-Bruno.

It's not my fault, I'm just ill!

In an article in The Guardian, Melissa Davey shows that family violence is mostly done by men with brain injury, intellectual disability, or men who already have a history of criminal charges. The author affirms that the system isn’t “user-friendly” enough to help these males in trouble.

Transgender and the 'Man Box'

Papi Edwards; a young 20-year-old was shot in a parking lot after disclosing her gender identity to a man she was meeting for the first time at the Fern Valley Hotel. Another story that was covered by CBS said that Zella Ziona was flirting with her 20-year-old boyfriend who then later shot her to death in an alley back in October and according to the reports it was because he was embarrassed that Ziona showed up while his friends were present.

Native American Volunteer Opportunities: A Rare Occurrence

Recently, my class and I were asked to contact four non-profit organizations of our choice, requesting information about possible volunteer opportunities. I sent out 4 emails and did not receive one reply. So, unfortunately, I don’t have any volunteer opportunities to share with you. What I do have, though, is the names and websites of the organizations so that anyone interested does not waste their time like I did. The following organizations do not respond to volunteer emails:

Violence in Masculinity: Ray Rice Case

This Baltimore Sun article written by Aaron Wilson is focused on Ray Rice’s infamous domestic abuse case of 2014. Rice was originally suspended for 2 games but once a video surfaced showing Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator, the NFL suspended him indefinitely and his $35 million contract was terminated. The judge later dismissed Rice’s case and he was then finally reinstated back into the NFL. The article ends with quotes from Ray Rice from an interview he did with the Baltimore Sun back in February.

Donald Trump.

Does America really need someone like Donald Trump running their country? He is a man with extremist views who expresses his ideas full out in a childlike maner with no bounaries as to what he is saying or whom may take offense to his opinions. Many actually agree with Trump because his ideas in which he wants to set in motion if he wins in the election are strong and are good. However, the maner in which he expresses these ideas are not proffessional. It will be a drastic change for the US to switch from such a well put together man such as Obama, to a childish man such as Donald Trump.

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A Continental Problem

The issue of missing, murdered, and heavily abused Native American women have been a problem in Canada and the United Sates for some time now, and each country/state/province seems to take a different approach on how to deal with the situation, and how to report it.

Would you prefer the hamburger or the woman?

The advertisement (1), produced by Hardee’s and Carl's Jr, in 2013, presents their cod fish sandwich.  The video takes place on an island, in order to promote their salt water fish sandwich.  However, the main problem with this video is the use of the female body to promote the hamburger. Throughout the advertisement, the audience sees a woman, in a bikini, eating her sandwich in different sexual positions promoting the female body.