Human Services

Barriers to social supports for older adults being ignored?

 Social isolation has been proven to play a negative role for elders in terms of physical, cognitive and most importantly emotional health. Social supports play an important role in the lives of older adults, as their lives change many loose spouses and friends that have always been there, leaving many with no social activity. There are many community based organizations for older adults that provide a healthy social environment for those who are socially isolated.

The Common Book That Became The Rare Book

So I ended up with a very small book, with the dimensions of around 3x5 inches and weighed approximately 1 pound, by Culpepper published in 1751 titled, “Complete and Experienced Midwife.” This book was probably used by lower-classed midwifes during the 18th century as a guide to child bearing and proper remedies for the diseases. At first glance of the book, the cover is made from leather and is probably the original cover, since the cover seems to used and scuffed with marks.

The Crime of Omission

The crime of omission; omitting a person or group from a privilege or system; in ways that limit and negatively impact possibility, growth and prosperity. In this case, the perpetrator; the Government of Canada, the victims; First Nation’s people. Throughout Canadian history up until this very day, tremendous ethnical injustices have unfolded due to systemic racism and sociological discrimination, which have consequently left one group vulnerable to racial prejudices and impoverishment.

Medicine of the Common People

Empirical Observations

I Love Ugly, Not Quite.

           On December 2015 a New Zealand men’s clothing company called “I Love Ugly” put out some images to advertise their newly started collection of jewelry for men. The problem with these 8 images arises from the fact that the male model who is showcasing the rings by wearing them on his hands is also placing his hands on a woman who is completely naked. This is in contrast to the man who is barely seen but fully clothed. The images are also very racy and vulgar as the woman in certain images has her breasts exposed and her legs spread apart.

Who said President has to be a he?

The advertisement is conveying gender superiority.  Women are perceived as objects that can be tossed into a trunk according to a man’s perspective.  The women are dressed scandalously, enticing men, like when Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple.  The message tells us that females should be submissive and to take particular care of their physique in order to please men.  Notice how the three women were also white females.  This refers to the p word that is often unjust and critiqued in society.  That word is privilege.  A person’s worth is based on their intersectionality.

How Much Would You Pay?

         In this advertisement from a Details Magazine slide show from 2009 we see a naked woman being objectified and dehumanized (Lisa Wade). The model is degraded to a table that has many items men wear on a day-to-day basis propped on top of her. Multiple messages are being conveyed in this advertisement that cause for huge discussion.

Are we still marrying for love?

In 2002, a Brazilian jewelry company released an advertisement portraying a woman with her legs crossed and a man kneeling with a closed box. In the next picture, he opens the box revealing an engagement ring and the women’s legs uncross. This advertisement promotes the message that offering a women jewelry leads to sexual favors in exchange. Furthermore, it portrays women as sex objects for men. This ad attacks and degrades both genders by reinforcing the image that men are sex-craved individuals and that women are passive and subordinate. 

Growing Up with Racial Ignorance

You think you know what you're getting when you're taking a race and racism course. I mean it's right there in the title; race and racism. A class where you learn about differences between all the races in the world and delve into the prejudices that surround these races. That was from the case. Learning that the idea of race is essentially a myth and just an excuse to put us into social groups was quite awakening.