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The basic needs in life like shelter, food, water, etc. are often taken for granted by those of us that have never been in a situation where access to any of it has been in danger. However, for many people having a roof over their head for even a day, is a constant struggle. According to this article from the CBC, the homeless population was over three thousand people in 2015, in Montreal.

Representation of men and women in Tv, 1950,2000

1) Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV(1950-200).

1.Father Knows Best

2. Leave it to Beaver

3. The Andy Griffin Show


2) What was unique about Archie's character in 'All in the Family'.


A long-awaited sigh of relief for First Nations communities across Canada

               On October 6, 2017 TransCanada announced a halt to the Energy East pipeline project.  Brandi Morin from CBC news wrote an article called Chiefs express shock, relief to Energy East pipeline halt, reflecting on the many problems with the proposed pipeline as well as the new sense of relief for First Nations people across the country.  This 15.7 billion dollar pipeline was proposed to run from Alberta and Saskatchewan to New Brunswick and Quebec, carrying over a million barrels of crude oil across Canada every day (Morin, 2017).  The Energy East pipeline threatened man

The Labyrinth Path to Female Leadership


It is a well-known fact that females are much underrepresented in leadership roles. In fact, in 2016, only 19% of the Congress was composed of females. In this article, Alice Eagly, Lori Beaman and Christopher Karpowitz discuss this issue.

A Fading Culture


In a conference with BBC News, June 29 2017, Jocelyn Wabano-lahtail communicates her preoccupations about indigenous persons in Canada. Being myself originally from Peru, I can very much understand her struggles. In the past multiples indigenous groups were assimilated or even killed. In my country when Spanish people came, they killed a lot of men and raped the women that is why now Latinos are not very considered indigenous, because we are pretty much a mix now.

Death to Freedom


I must say living in this century is coming out very difficult in many ways. Especially, to the most outspoken of us, the ones that try to make their best to express not only their beliefs but also to give us ,the population, the right to evaluate situations by having almost all the facts possible to be given. Yes, the journalists. Who are being mistreated all around the world in this right instant.


Reconsidering the World's Largest Free Trade Movement


In an article from The New York Times written on September 1st 2017 by Prashant S. Rao, allegations regarding the president of the United States wanting to modify or perhaps even terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement have been announced due to Trump being unsatisfied with its current relationships. This treaty was effective in 1994 and allowed Canada, Mexico and the US.

The Fake Images of the Conflict in Myanmar


As of September 5th, 2017, the most recent fighting in Myanmar took place in the state of Rakhine, leaving approximately 400 dead and forced 40,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes for Bangladesh, reports Rebecca Ratcliffe in The Guardian.

The World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis

Written by Shuaib Almosawa, Ben Hubbard and Troy Griggs, the article ‘It’s a Slow Death’: the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis”, published in the New York Times on the 23rd of August 2017, sums up the deadly collateral consequences of a war that seems to be never ending. In Yemen, the war has been lasting since the past two years and a half. The two parties, one led by the Saudi coalition and supported militarily by the Americans, and the other one, the Houthis and their allies, both affirm that they will never give up until the other side does.

Is Ghost in the Shell Hollywood’s Latest Whitewashed Movie? The Lack of Opportunity and the Restrictive Representation of Asian Actors on Screen

“50% of all film, TV and digital services don’t have a named or speaking Asian character” (Waurenchen, “Race” 6). Although individuals of Asian descent constitute 5.6% of the population of the United States (Wikipedia contributors), they are exceedingly underrepresented in Hollywood’s predominantly white film industry, often restricted to portray a select few roles constructed upon racial stereotypes.